SDconnect C4 Comprehensive Component List: From Clone to Genuine

Here someone from provides a comprehensive list of which component on Chinese SDconnect C4 mux to change to a genuine one, including the MLCC values The RAM for the PPC on the top is DDR SDRAM (16Mx16) (search for k4h56xx38j_66tsop2_rev10.pdf). Alliance, ISSI, and Winbond make crosses for it. The parallel NOR on the CPU side is an S29GL (3.3V, 64Mbit, parallel NOR — you can still find those around without too much trouble). The C166 you can find via Octopart (XC161CJ-Continue Reading→

MB SCN Coding meaning, service, software, forum (All included)

MB Star SCN Coding offline/online (FAQs) Part 1: Basic info you should know scn coding meaning: Software Calibration Number coding, short for SCN coding is intrudes by MB around 2005. It replaced the previous coding technique with a centralized and almost automated technique to prevent incorrect coding being selected when replacing a module. scn coding service: Can be done online or offline xentry offline scn coding activation service: Reading→