Diagbox v7 Windows 7/XP Install + Tests on Peugeot

I finally have a Lexia 3 chinese interface working with diagbox 7.02….or rather partially working. Win 7 Pro 64 bit with a Windows Virtual PC/Windows XP Mode installed. (Windows Virtual PC and XP mode are free for various versions of Win 7, just installing it on Win 7 will bring up diagbox, but it will just get stuck on the « selection of Application » screen with the Diagbox and PP2000 buttons, and clicking either one will go straight back to that screen). Vehicle 1 : Peugeot 406 Continue Reading→

How to rework cloned Lexia 3 as the original

Hello, Here’s a post for the purists of the PSA XS EVOLUTION ACTIA interface (also called Lexia 3 cable)! Edit your Lexia 3 interface to make it equivalent to an original. I do not will detail all the references of the components to be mounted on a clone or replace (resistors, capacitors and other IC), many of them are already known (full topic on French forum …) or easily identifiable with the « Marking code ». Let’s start with the photos of a clone interface « madeContinue Reading→

Lexia3 Citroen car list download

Citroen Lexia3, what models can & cannot work? Lexia3 Citroen car list.. Here you go… Citroen C1 Citroen C2, C2 CHINE Citroen C3, C3R, C3 PLURIEL, C3 PICASSO, C3 (A51), Citroen AIRCROSS Citroen C4, C4 PICASSO, C4 SEDAN Citroen C5, C5 R, C5 (X7) Citroen C6 Citroen C8 Citroen C-Crosser Citroen NEMO Citroen Berlingo, Berlingo 2, Berlingo (B9) Citroen Jumpy, Jumpy 2, Jumpy 3 Citroen Jumper, Jumper 2, Jumper 3, Jumper Minibus Citroen DS3 Citroen AX Citroen SAXO Citroen BX Citroen ZX CitrContinue Reading→