BMW New Battery Registration + Coding: ELM327 vs K+DCAN cable vs ICOM cable

Good to know: how to register and code a new battery from a BMW car Why do you need to register a new battery: Simply, the answer is that BMW designed the charging system with an algorithm that varies the rate of charge by the age and type of the battery installed. Registering a new battery resets the algorithm back to optimal charging voltage for the specified battery. In detail…the answer: « The negative battery cable has an electronic control unit on the battery end of it called Continue Reading→

What is INPA/Ediabas?

INPA is a diagnostic interpreter program that communicates with your car using BMW’s own factory developed Electronic Diagnosis and Information protocol (EDIABAS). INPA is a powerful and comprehensive diagnostic tool but there is no simple handbook available that I know of which will comprehensively explain its operation or functions. The bottom line with INPA is if you do not understand what a particular function does, you are probably better off leaving that function alone, but having saiContinue Reading→