Cummins INSITE compatibility with INLINE 6 and INLINE 5

Part 1: Cummins Inline 5 and Inline 6 Comparison: Well insite is the Cummins electronic service diagnostic tool. There are several different versions of insite from the free version all the way up to the pro version and they all cost different prices and they are bought with a yearly subscription. The inline 5,6 is the tool you use to hook up to the truck and to your computer that basically talks to the ecm and converts the data from the ecm to your computer to be able to be viewed on the Continue Reading→

(Solved) Cummins Inline 5 A Few Questions

Hello , i am now in the market for purchasing the cummins Inline 5 so i have a few questions . 1) can i password lock my ECU with insite/inline , so truck can’t be started (like you do with Roadrelay5) ? 2) Does Insite/Incal have any software options to do a complete test with the full loaded truck/trailler exactly like the Cummins dealer do on a Dyno test ? ( i mean HP , fuel pressure , blowby test , injector cut ,etc ?) 3) What’s the main difference between Incal 5 and 6 ? ReplContinue Reading→