How to update CarProg A1+ adapter for VAG EDC16 read

What is CarProg A1+ adapter? And what’s the difference of A1 and A1+ adapter? A1+ (A1 PLUS) – new generation ODB2 adapter CarProg use for Volvo dashboard programming and VAG ECU programming. A1 is not the same adapter like A1+. And A1+ not replace old A1. These are 2 different adapters. A1+ (A1 PLUS) is a new OBDII adapter with high speed CAN. src: Why do you need an A1+ adapter used with Carprog? Because for EDContinue Reading→

How to use CarProg programmer for Opel 2003-2009

Here is the CarProg programmer for OPEL cars 2003-2009 by OBDII (CAN bus).  Also for some ECU you can read/write internal EEPROM. Works by OBDII connector using A1 cable or removed from car . On-table connection wiring diagram you can find in user manual. CarProg working with Opel ECU:  CarProg Car List – OPEL ECU: Bosch EDC16 Astra H Z17DTH Z17DTL 2004 – 2009 2004 – 2006 Bosch EDC16C9 Astra H Z19DT Z19DTL 2005 – 2009 2006 – 2009 Continue Reading→