How to use Carprog 8.21 for Peugeot 3008 Eeprom 95080 km change

Topic: Peugeot 3008 change mileage, possible to do with Carprog? Programming tool: Carprog Software version: 8.21 Source: Car and year: Peugeot 3008 2012 Eeprom: 95080 Purpose: Peugeot 3008 2012 odometer correction In Carprog 8.21 software: Read and save the original data Read the current mileage: 278655 km Write a new km: 78655 km Read the new km Read eeprom data and save the new data Continue Reading→

CarProg PCB Schematics

Free download Carprog programmer pinouts:!xXxl2ZBK!ZvDS40cPOJGjfLBaDGoDBDhOQuw5HUfdZ2PR2TnZEho Carprog Pinouts: Carprog 10.05 perfect version: Carprog 8.21 online version: Carprog PCB rework manual: Carprog Verify Error – Solved by PCB Rework   Continue Reading→

Carprog Verify Error – Solved by PCB Rework

Question: I have Carprog 8.21 but every time when I want to write a bin to 93c86 says: Verify Error. What can I do? Reply: Carprog need rework. Repair of A1 adapter could help … also changing NXP 74HC125D with 74HC125M-4 pieces is worth it. In detail… This help fix the cloned Carprog to get it to work (e.g. read security codes or read flash) as the original. The bad Carprog clone: many members with Carprog clone can say it will work have to tweak it ,and read the manuals rContinue Reading→

(Solved) CarProg 8.21 Activation Error: CRC32 Check failed!

Problem: CarProg v8.21 pops up an error “CRC32 check failed!” after software activation Solution: Replace file “carprog.vws” in Carprog software carprog.vws download free:!QaogCDIZ!6OJxJvGWIYoiHpzyBILaDZ44hN5l52Hfgk8AGq7TUao Security: 100% safe NOTE: YOU HAVE TO READ IT BEFORE WHAT YOU’RE GONNA DO The file/solution above is applied to CarProg programmers here: CARPROG FULL V10.05 and V8.21 Perfect Online Version and CARPROG FULL V8.21 Online Version With Caprog unitContinue Reading→