NOX sensor test: CAR FANS C800 can, FCAR/Launch/Autel cannot

CAR FANS C800 testing a NOX sensor: SUCCESS! For details, please go on your reading! what is NOX sensor: The Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) sensor is a “smart device” consisting of three components. i.e, NOx sensor, Connecting cable, NOx sensor Control Module. It’s used to measure the outlet NOx emissions from the engine. It receives and sends information to the Engine ECM via the J1939 datalink. The NOx sensor performs its own Internal diagnostics and reports malfunctions back to the Engine ECM uContinue Reading→

CAR FANS C800 Vehicle List: Confirmed!

CAR FANS C800 Full Vehicle List: 35 Heavy Duty brands, 21 BUS brands, 16 Passenger Car brands, 32 Machinery Vehicle brands and 46 ECU systems. CAR FANS C800 heavy duty diagnostic tool is confirmed to do the followings: Identification , Read Fault code, Erase Fault code, Actual Values, Actuators  Advance Functions: Adjustment / Settings, Function Test, Special Function, Calibration etc. in detail… Commercial Vehicle: FAW, DONGFENG, Mercedes-Benz, CNHTC, FOTON, SANY, JAC, SFH, CAMC, UContinue Reading→