Free download 2018 Actia Multi-diag 42.09 software

Finally I managed to make it work, I’d like to share you guys with version 2018 Actia Multi-di@g. I made the guide myself for my v2011 interface received from the supplier: [caption id="attachment_14468" align="alignnone" width="800"] DCIM100MEDIA[/caption] VCI 033918 Actia 1.2018 42.09 download free:!croCEKIQ!7PHYKUAWkVqKBfc1DTzmQtJUEcYx9iQ0KsNLXrYi2ew CContinue Reading→

Free Download ACTIA Multidiag 2017 III SP4 + Hex for Pic

This is how to program a pic to work with Multidiag 2017 III SP4 – First : You have to install Multidiag WITHOUT internet connected. It’s not difficult to find it to download. Serial to install it : 033918 Download link : ACTIA Multidiag 3/2017 sp4 41.41:!wqIigCbD!PR7xGKJgtC2Ey0do–64gMe3RsaDgoD27Dq68apmBvQ ACTIA Multidiag 3/2017 41.06:!43QQmS7B!vecthEtazucRBaINE8Jw0dqCPt6_kSgXsFmd68yUTsU – Second : You must have a old interface ofContinue Reading→

How to use ACTIA Multi diag I-2016 Win XP for Passat VII diagnosis

ACTIA Multi diag I-2016 update… Here you go.. About how to install and use Multi diag I-2016 software for vehicle obd2 diagnosis. Actia multidiag 2016 price: €269 LOWER cost with actia multi diag I-2011 I-2014 I-2015 How to install ACTIA Multi diag I-2016: CANNOT connect to the Internet when install the multi diag software NO need actia multi diag keygen NO need actia multi diag activation code MUST use with actia passthru driver How to use Multi diag I-2016 for diagnosis on VolkwagenContinue Reading→