Where to get EIS/ELS cables FULL kit for VVDI -MB ?

Mercedes EIS/ELS cables full kit: 100% tested with VVDI-MB Tool http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/eis-elv-test-cables-for-mercedes-works-together-with-vvdi-mb-bga-tool.html CLASSE A B W169   K-line Read/Write W202 W208 W210  K-line Read/Write With this switch, users can free to read/write CPU1 and CPU2. W203   K-line Read/Write 4.203 211 219… Continue Reading

OBDSTAR X300 dp/dp plus nouvelle mise à jour (2018/10/12)

OBDSTAR X300 dp/dp plus nouvelle mise à jour 1.2015 Programmation des touches d’escorte 2. 2015 – Nouvelle programmation clé de la Mondeo 3.2015- Programmation des touches EVEREST 4. 2015- Programmation des touches FIGO / FIGO ASPIRE 6. 2015- Programmation des… Continue Reading

 Yanhua 35080/35160 programming emulator – How to change km

Yanhua 35080/35160 programming emulator user manual for newbies: Yanhua 35080/35160 programming emulator: Source: http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/yanhua-35160-35080-programmation-emulateur.html Equipped with an independent programmer, it can deal with M35080/M35080-3/M35080-6/M35080V6/M35080VP /D80DOWQ/080D0WT/160DOWT/160DOWQ/35160WT* chip. No need any other tools to do the odometer correction. This is how to use Yanhua… Continue Reading

XTOOL X100 Pad2 Success on Jeep, Nissan, Infinity (10-2018)

Updated on 09-10-2018! Here are some new tests with XTOOL X100 Pad2 on cars: Jeep Laredo 4×4 Infinity Qx 56 -2015 Infinity 2017 Nissan Tiida 2009 Test reports with images… Jeep Laredo 4×4 all keys lost: successful Infinity Qx 56 –2015 smart key programming: successful Infinity 2017 all… Continue Reading

Lonsdor K518ise added new keys to Citroen Nemo 2009

(26-09-2018) Lonsdor K518ise key programmer managed to add new keys to Citroen Nemo 2009 with 93c86 eeprom Here you go.. Good to know:  Lonsdor K518ise PSA car list Lonsdor K518ise works well with the French vehicles: Peugeot /Citroen. There are two ways to… Continue Reading

Renault Megane 2 2008 smart key card: Done with Lonsdor K518ise

Yes! Renault Megane 2 2008 new smart key cards can be DONE through OBD with Lonsdor K518ISE key programming tool. Here is the test with images… Go to Lonsdor K518ise Immobilizer Select Renault Select from type Smart key IMMOI Lonsdor K518ise starts… Continue Reading