How to update Digimaster 3 via LAN cable + set IP address

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This is for those who failed to update Digimaster 3 software, and got error message “download failed…net error, please ensure network ok!”

digimaster-download-failed tech support:

Digimaster 3 software updated required a LAN cable for connection.


And please do automatic IP address setup after sw update.

digimaster-3-ip-setup-1 digimaster-3-ip-setup-2 digimaster-3-ip-setup-3

Reference: Digimaster 3 online update manual

Step 1: plug the power supply to digimaster3 and insert the network cable into the LAN port on the digimaster3 unit.


Step 2: select “Management”


Step 3: select “Update”

Step 4: select “Software Upgrade”

Step 5: the machine is upgrading

digimaster-3-online-update-5 digimaster-3-online-update-6
Digimaster 3 tech support: