Dialink J2534 cable 134usd vs. 31usd?

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Where to get Cheap but HQ Dialink J2534 cable?

Look here: the cheap Dialink J2534 is the same as the original. They share the same functionality.

The original Dialink J2534 cable blue: 134 usd


Src: http://ecutools.eu/chip-tuning/dialink/

The cheap Dialink J2534 cable black: 31 usd


Src: http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/dialink-j2534-cable-work-with-multiflasher-ecu-chip-tuning.html

What is J2534 Dialink?

The J2534 Dialink adapter by SMS-Software is designed for ECU diagnostics and reprogramming via CAN-bus, it is fully compatible with Combiloader and can be used with any third-party software.

Dialink application:

  • J2534 compatible adapter;
  • Being supplied together with the J2534 interface library, Dialink can be used for ECU reprogramming with  CombiLoader or for diagnostics with any third-party tools;
  • Suitable for SMS-Diagnostics 3;
  • Together with SMS-Diagnostics 3 software it can be used for diagnostics of modern vehicles control systems with the standard SAE J1962 diagnostic connector (connection to other diagnostic connectors is achieved by the use of additional adapters).

Why should you have a Dialink J2534 Cable?

  • Capable of working with trucks (24V car network)
  • Better compatibility with J2534 requirements (*1)
  • High operational speed (*2)
  • Possible wireless BlueTooth connection
  • Good value for money

*1 in comparison with OpenPort software.
*2 the exchange speed of ISO-11898 (CAN) reaches the max capacity of the bus. It is up to 8 times faster than  OpenPort operational speed.

What kind of vehicles is it used for?

Supported protocols:

  • ISO-9141/ISO-14230 (K/L-Line)
  • J1850 VPW/PWM
  • ISO-11898/ISO-15765 (CAN)


  • 12V car network
  • 24V car network
  • Powered from a USB port of a PC

The full operational range of power voltage is from 8V to 35V which guarantees fail-free operation in any working conditions including trucks.

How to connect Dialink J2534 for diagnosis?

It can be connected through a USB cable or Bluetooth

BlueTooth module provides wireless connection at the distance up to 10 m (Class-II). If the BlueTooth Class-I adapter is used the working distance increases.

Diagnostic connector pins:

  • 2(BUS+)/10(BUS-): J1850 VPW/PWM (Ford/GM/Chrysler…)
  • 4/5: ground
  • 6(CAN-H)/14(CAN-L): ISO-11898/ISO-15765 CAN
  • 7(K-Line)/15(L-Line): ISO-9141/ISO-14230 K/L-line (bidirectional lines)
  • 16: power

Extra features:
Thanks to the built-in microprocessor  DiaLink adapter can be used not only as a diagnostic adapter for SMS-Diagnostics 3 software or as a J2534 compatible device but also can be configured for use in the following modes

  • K-Line — allows to work with any software designed for a usual USB-K-Line-adapter;
  • D-CAN — allows to work with BMW diagnostic software via EDIABAS(STD:OBD driver) supporting K-bus and CAN-bus;
  • ELM327— allows to work with the software designed for ELM327 chip (this mode will be added soon and will be included in the software update).

Does the cheap Dialink J2534 adapter work with the original?

Look here: http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/dialink-j2534-cable-work-with-multiflasher-ecu-chip-tuning.html check details before your purchase