BMW X5 MSV80 Add Keys: Done with VVDI2 Xhose

Programmeur De Clef Xhorse

Confirmed! Xhorse VVDI2 is able to make a dealer key to BMW X5 MSV80. Tested by a locksmith Jet (Many thanks!)

The ECU info of X5: dme msv80


Connection is done and ready for key adding


Msv80 in vvdi2

Vvdi2 read out ecu isn

vvdi2-bmw-x5-add-key-3 vvdi2-bmw-x5-add-key-4 vvdi2-bmw-x5-add-key-5

File make key


Load eeprom dump file

vvdi2-bmw-x5-add-key-7 vvdi2-bmw-x5-add-key-8

Select key 9, then make dealer key

vvdi2-bmw-x5-add-key-9 vvdi2-bmw-x5-add-key-10 vvdi2-bmw-x5-add-key-11

Please put new key into vvdi2 key programmer

vvdi2-bmw-x5-add-key-12 vvdi2-bmw-x5-add-key-13

The key doesn’t have keyless


Please save the new eeprom dump file

vvdi2-bmw-x5-add-key-15 vvdi2-bmw-x5-add-key-16

Please flash the new cas eeprom dump into the car

Then use the new dealer key start the engine

If cas belogs to ISTAP4 version, don’t write new dump back to cas!


The engine starts with the new dealer key