XTOOL X100 Pad2 Success on Jeep, Nissan, Infinity (10-2018)

Programmeur De Clef

Updated on 09-10-2018!

Here are some new tests with XTOOL X100 Pad2 on cars:

Jeep Laredo 4×4

Infinity Qx 56 -2015

Infinity 2017

Nissan Tiida 2009

Test reports with images…

Jeep Laredo 4×4 all keys lost: successful

xtool-x100-pad2-jeep-1 xtool-x100-pad2-jeep-2 xtool-x100-pad2-jeep-3 xtool-x100-pad2-jeep-4

Infinity Qx 56 2015 smart key programming: successful

xtool-x100-pad2-Infinity-1 xtool-x100-pad2-Infinity-2 xtool-x100-pad2-Infinity-3

Infinity 2017 all keys lost: successful

xtool-x100-pad2-Infinity-2017-1 xtool-x100-pad2-Infinity-2017-2

Nissan Tiida 2009 all keys lost: done

xtool-x100-pad2-nissan-1 xtool-x100-pad2-nissan-2 xtool-x100-pad2-nissan-3

More tests will be updated here…

You can go to http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/xtool-x100-pad-2-special-functions-expert.html for more about X100 PAD2