VAG (MQB) Key OBD Solution: VAG OBD Assistant Works Perfectly!

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What is VAG OBD Assistant Function?

Why do you need a VAG OBD Assistant?

Where to get VAG OBD Assistant?


Vw, Audi, Skoda and other 4th generations of anti-theft system of the cars , in the situation of needing add key or the situation key all lost, the current market equipment can not read anti-theft data (such as Xhorse VVDI2, AVD,I AP PRO, Lonsdor K518ise and other equipment), or need to disassemble the dashboard to get anti-theft data. The steps is complex and risky, and it takes a long time.Now you only need to use VAG OBD assistants, connect to the vehicle and connect to the network to get the anti-theft data of the vehicle in about 3-5 minutes (depending on the network situation, or the number of users to determine the length of time)

After online access to anti-theft data, the system will automatically save the documents according to the frame number in the VAG OBD document directory, generated files, support the use of current popular equipment, can directly generate dealer keys, and learn key data.

For vehicles with MQB anti-theft system, this device can also be used if the anti-theft data cannot be read directly, but it can only be used to add keys. (for example, add the key of Johnson dashboard).A4L Q5 can not read BCM2 data directly, showing data length error, you can use this design to calculate BCM2 data.The 14-year A6 A7 A8 Touareg hui ang 5-generation anti-theft system can not obtain BCM2 data when all the keys are lost. It can also be used to calculate BCM2 data online, and then match the keys with VVDI2 APPRO and other equipment.

Note: The premise of using this equipment is that the vehicle can not be tampered with information, the vehicle state is legal. If the information is tampered with, then the data can not be calculated.