OEM Cummins Insite vs. Snap-On Pro Link Ultra (Review + Images)

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OEM Cummins Insite and Snap-On Pro Link Ultra, which is better? Opinions from Aubrey Lamon:

Cummins Insite is better at some things, but I can tell you from experience OEM doesn’t mean you can change everything. A parameter that is locked can’t be changed with Insite either unless your a dealer. Detroit OEM is also useless at times unless if you can change the password on the ECM which happens often on fleet trucks. The older versions of Insite also had a flaw that indicate a throttle position sensor was faulty when it wasn’t faulty at all.

Sure OEM will always be better in some ways, but multiple subscriptions can cost more then $5,000 a year. Paccar Davie software is $5,000 a year alone. Not saying Snap-on is the best by any means, but from playing with a Pro Link IQ and a Pro Link Ultra the software does most of the stuff that needs to be done. I did notice Cummins 04 on the Ultra screen which is confusing because I though the software was mainly for 2007 and newer Cummins.

The reality is no non OEM scanner will be better than a laptop with OEM software. Bosch, CanDo, Texa and others may be better then the Pro Link software. I can’t say because I have never used them.

Here are OEM Cummins Insite and Snap-On Pro Link Ultra in use.

Part 1: OEM Cummins Insite

INSITE™ can perform engine diagnostics and display electronic engine information on your PC. … INSITE Lite and INSITE Pro software packages contain all the engine (ECM) applications for Automotive and Industrial support. INSITE Pro is the only application that includes and supports ESDN.

Part 2: Pro Link Ultra

PRO-LINK Ultra offers more heavy-duty coverage for commercial vehicles in one tool, from Class 8 trucks to light-duty diesels. OEM-proprietary coverage for engine, transmission, ABS and traction control. Plus heavy-duty standard (HDS) and OBD-II/EOBD for emissions, HVAC, body, collision avoidance, instrument, lighting systems and many others. Essential maintenance functions critical to managing fleet costs, and powerful repair functions to keep the fleet on the road.  A must-have tool for large & small fleets, independents, dealerships, leasing, utilities, municipalities, owner-operators, maintenance shops, repair shops and mobile truck service.

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Part 1: OEM Cummins Insite testing

cummins-insite-8.3-download-1 cummins-insite-8.3-download-2 cummins-insite-8.3-download-3 cummins-insite-8.3-download-4 cummins-insite-8.3-download-5 cummins-insite-8.3-download-6 cummins-insite-8.3-download-7 cummins-insite-8.3-download-8 cummins-insite-8.3-download-9 cummins-insite-8.3-download-10 cummins-insite-8.3-download-11 cummins-insite-8.3-download-12 cummins-insite-8.3-download-13 cummins-insite-8.3-download-14 cummins-insite-8.3-download-15 cummins-insite-8.3-download-16 cummins-insite-8.3-download-17 cummins-insite-8.3-download-18 cummins-insite-8.3-download-19 cummins-insite-8.3-download-20 cummins-insite-8.3-download-21 cummins-insite-8.3-download-22 cummins-insite-8.3-download-23 cummins-insite-8.3-download-24

Note that Insite 8.3 now only comes with Cummins Inline 7. 100% tested! Works like a charm!

Part 2: Pro Link Ultra testing

snap-on-pro-link-test-1 snap-on-pro-link-test-2 snap-on-pro-link-test-3 snap-on-pro-link-test-4 snap-on-pro-link-test-5 snap-on-pro-link-test-6 snap-on-pro-link-test-7 snap-on-pro-link-test-8 snap-on-pro-link-test-9 snap-on-pro-link-test-10 snap-on-pro-link-test-11