NOX sensor test: CAR FANS C800 can, FCAR/Launch/Autel cannot

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CAR FANS C800 testing a NOX sensor: SUCCESS! For details, please go on your reading!

what is NOX sensor:

The Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) sensor is a “smart device” consisting of three components. i.e, NOx sensor, Connecting cable, NOx sensor Control Module. It’s used to measure the outlet NOx emissions from the engine. It receives and sends information to the Engine ECM via the J1939 datalink. The NOx sensor performs its own Internal diagnostics and reports malfunctions back to the Engine ECM using J1939. The assembly is a single part, the sub components cannot be replaced individually!

Where is the NOX sensor:

The aftertreatment outlet NOx sensor location can vary depending on engine application. It is usually located in the exhaust system in the acoustic section of the EGP.

How to test a NOX sensor:

CAR FANS C800 is verified to work for a NOX sensor, while FCAR, Launch, Autel diagnostic tool have no luck with it.

Here you go. CAR FANS C800 is testing a FAW NOX sensor.

car-fans-c800-nox-sensor-1 car-fans-c800-nox-sensor-2 car-fans-c800-nox-sensor-3 car-fans-c800-nox-sensor-4

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