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KD-X2 KeyDIY remote generator review:


Keydiy KD-X2 ID48 96 bit copy: free

48 chip clone is not yet activated. KeyDIY factory is moving their online server. They will do an update in May, after the update, all KD X-2 can activate 96 bit 48 chip clone functions freely by the update 96 bit 48 clone functions cost tokens. You can gain tokens by generating remotes using KD X-2 . Generate 5 remotes, gain one tokens. They have not made the decision yet on tokens or how much tokens will be for 96 bit id48.

KeyDIY for LKP-03: (kin lee tested)

New sheriff on the block & it’s time to tell you that you’d better have a KeyDIY instead of VVDI2 Xhorse, if you want a key tool only  for transponder 48 (96 bit) copy.

Xhorse changes $250 to clone 48(96 bit), while well KeyDIY is giving all that for free!! And I got a mint VVDI Key Tool for sale for $180 or I’ll give it to my partner. KeyDIY has a larger & better remote making database too!

Keydiy KD-X2 firmware updatable:


KeyDIY works good with 2016 Kia Forte:

2016 Kia Forte with KD Mini and MyTab instant success and no need to stock a bunch of dead inventory.

Keydiy is greater than vvdi key tool:
I recently purchased this. I feel it is the greater universal remote maker between vvdi key tool and keydiy. I have made more remotes with this then the key tool was ever able to do.


LKP-03 copy: key tool fail but KD-X2 made it
06 Accord tried to clone it on VVDI Key Tool with LKP-03 failed so used KD-X2 & Boom!! It work ed!!

NB22 key working:

Got this new toy today.

NB22 key working on Peugeot 207 reg 06

Keydiy-KD-X2 Keydiy-KD-X2-2

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