Cummins INSITE compatibility with INLINE 6 and INLINE 5

Diagnostic Camion Outils de diagnostic de voitures

Part 1: Cummins Inline 5 and Inline 6 Comparison:

Well insite is the Cummins electronic service diagnostic tool. There are several different versions of insite from the free version all the way up to the pro version and they all cost different prices and they are bought with a yearly subscription. The inline 5,6 is the tool you use to hook up to the truck and to your computer that basically talks to the ecm and converts the data from the ecm to your computer to be able to be viewed on the computer. The difference between the two is the 5 is the previous data link tool now the 6 is the latest and fastest interface tool meaning that it converts the data faster from the ecm to the laptop. You can’t lock the ecm with insite for anti theft but you can password protect the ecm so changes can only be made to the ecm with a password entered first. If you want anti theft then you need to get the road relay. With insite you can do several tests to your engine like cut out tests andinjector performance tests and several other tests depending on your engine model and calibration. Insite is the tool that deals and distributors use to diagnose engines and you can change parameters, view data logs trip information, view fault codes and clear fault codes, view engine abuse history calibrate the vgt turbo and ecm. Incal is the calibration disc’s that are used to install calibrations with insite into the ecm for updates. There is so much more that can be done with insite to.

In detail…

cummins-inline-1-168x300 cummins-inline-2-168x300 cummins-inline-3-124x300
Can ECU Flash before 1st.Jan.2015 Cummins engine

According the original Cummins Inline 6 data link adapter chip 1: 1 to design appearance, all chips welded, protective in good, fully functional, include canbus2 design. Inline5 cut corners to save costs, NEXIQ USB link also not have canbus2

CPU:  DSP56F807PY80E CPU:  MCF5272CM66J

Freescale car chip


Freescale car chip

CPU model to determine the speed of diagnosis when flash, finished in 5 minutes, or you want to wait for 10 minutes?
Frequency: 80MHz core frequency Frequency:  66MHz Frequency: 140MHz
RAM: 128k RAM: 256k RAM: 512k
16 bit 32 bit 32 bit
Wire: 9pin, 6pin, obd, Circle: OBD16 Wire: 9pin, 6pin, obd, Femal: 3pin Wire: 9pin, obd, Femal: 3pin, Mail: 3pin, 2pin
Optional cable: Optional cable: Optional cable: 6pin, circle: 16pin
Insite7.5 No need to change time of computer when install Insite7.5 No need to change time computer Insite7.5 No need to change time pf computer
Insite7.6.0 need to change the time of computer to install Insite7.6.0 need to change the time of computer to install Insite 7.6.2 need to change the time of computer to install
No calibration disc No calibration disc Free of charge a value $50 incal2014 calibration ECU flash for VIP customer.
Windowsxp/7/8 32bit/64bit

Calibration not support 64 bit computer

Windowsxp/7/8 32bit/64bit

Calibration not support 64 bit computer

Windowsxp7/8/10 32bit/64bit

Calibration not support 64 bit computer

Part 2: INSITE compatibility with INLINE 6 and INLINE 5

INSITE versions 7.5 and later are compatible with the INLINE 6 and INLINE 5. Note that INSITE versions earlier than this are not fully RP1210B compliant and may not work with these adapters. See the chart below for an example of the basic connections needed to hook-up to the vehicle data link

You should be at Insite version 7.6.2 to get the best performance out of Insite.Inline 6 just has new features. Here are the changes INLINE 6 Data Link Adapter. This new adapter is now the only Cummins product on the market and is the only adapter available that Cummins certifies to be 100% compatible with all features of the latest Cummins ECMs and software applications. The INLINE 6 can communicate with your PC through a 9-pin serial connector. The INLINE 6 also can communicate with your PC over a Universal Serial Bus (USB) through a 4-pin standard connector. The INLINE 6 adapter connects to vehicle power, the SAE J1708/J1587 data link, and two CAN/J1939 data links via a 25-pin serial connector. With full compliance to the Technology and Maintenance Council’s RP1210 standard, the INLINE 6 will work with the latest Cummins INSITE, PowerSpec, and Calterm III software applications. It will also work with any other software applications that are fully compliant with the RP1210 standard (note that while some non-Cummins applications fully support RP1210, others do not, so you should test each application in question with the INLINE 6 adapter to make that determination

The inline 5 will work on all applications as long as Insite version is up to date 7.5 or higher is required. I would go with the Inline 6 because Cummins is in the process of testing an Inline 8 adapter. You will find on some older engines Inline 5 and 6 is too fast and you must drop down to a Inline 4 or below. But the Inline 5 will work for your needs.