Program EWS4 key: Xprog+AVDI or VVDIProg+VVDI2?

Programmeur De Clef

Here, I will show you two ways of BMW EWS4 new key programming, the first done with Xhorse tools (VVDI-Prog and VVDI2) and the second done with Xprog-M and AVDI key programmer.


Option 1: Xhorse VVDI makes EWS4 keys

Option 2: Xprog + AVDI program EWS4 keys

Option 1: Xhorse VVDI makes EWS4 keys

Upload a video… show you the whole key programming procedure step by step

Step 1: VVDI Prog reads EWS4 eeprom data

Step 2: VVDI2 BMW programs a new key

Also, attach questions and answers that users frequently asked. Hope it’s useful.

Q: Can i make a x series key with the vvdi2 and how? (it’s x3 2004)

A: Yes …it is ews4 (eeprom job )


Q: Taking the ecu out?

A: Not the ecu …taking immo box out …its a white box under the steering wheel same size as a pack of cigs.


Q: Do i need any adapter for that?

A: you just need open vvdi prog ,select ews4 and will show you the connections….solder it and you are good to read it


Q: And does it give you a key code like the cas’s

A: no , is it your first isn’t it?


Q: yes it is. Is this what i need?


A: thats not for ews4…VVDI prog have its own EWS4 adapter, so does the AK90

I mean there is ews4 incircuit connect by vvdi prog. Look here:


Q: how is the procedure

A: Put the ESW4 module in the adapter and lock it


To solder


Option 2: Xprog-M + AVDI program EWS4 keys

Here, take BMW X3 E83 2006

step 1: Xprog-m reads the immobilizer block EWS4.4

So, get the immobilizer block from the car …


For this we remove the plastic protection above the gas and brake pedals.


We lay down on the threshold, look up and see a white box, this is  EWS4.4 . Unscrew the nut on the right, loosen the nut on the left, remove the connector and take out the block.


This immobilizer unit is assembled on a Motorola MC9S12D64 microcontroller , with a 2L86D mask .


Since on BMW X3 E83 , we registered the key for the first time, it was initially mistakenly assumed that the six points to the right of the processor would be enough for us to read the firmware.


However, Xprog-M , when reading eeprom 2L86D , issued the error:

  • Bootloader initialising error. Can not access BDM. Check BDM connection.

It became clear that the processor is “closed” and to read its firmware you will need a BDM adapter  1-002-0017 and, accordingly, another connection scheme.


But, strictly speaking, this circuit is also MC9S12D64 (2L86D) + Xprog-M (BDM 1-002-0017) .


Solder to the block …


… and read the firmware.

step 2: avdi Program key to EWS4.4 FROM BMW X3 E83

So, we have a dump, which means that it’s up to the small thing to program the chip, which is in our key.


To do this, get the AVDI (ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostic Interface)  and connect the Tag Key Programmer to it  .


We launch the Tag Key Tool , select the Key Tool item and in the Vehicle Model field , select our option – BMW EWS4. PCF7935 or EML . As you can see, only 4 keys can be assigned to the car, well, or a chip.


Click on the Load Dump button and select the dump that we counted from the processor. We tick the Key 3 PCF7935 / EML used and press the Prepare Key button . After that, the program asked:

  • Do you programming original BMW key (EML)? Press NO if you using PIT (PCF793x) transponder.
  • Translation:Do you want to program the original BMW key (EML)? Press NO if you are using a PIT (PCF793x) transponder. “

Click the No button .


The process of programming the transponder begins, after which the window pops up:

  • Transponder programmed
  • Translation: Thetransponder is programmed


Well, this looks like this programmed transponder.

Everything, the key is registered in the car. We checked that EWS4.4 gives permission to start the engine and programmed the radio channel