How to install ODIS-S 4.3.3 Postsetup 51.0.40 on Window 7

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

Have collected all you need for installing ODIS-S 4.3.3 ODIS-E 8.1.3 Postsetup 51.0.40 on Windows 7. Hope it helps you out. Have fun.

Part 1: Odis 4.3.3 download link

Part 2: Odis 4.3.3 keygen

Part 3: Odis service Windows 7

Part 4: Odis-s 4.3.3 device

Part 5: Odis 4.3.3 install

Part 6: Odis 4.3.3 Postsetup 51.0.40

Part 7: Odis 4.3.3 license

Part 1: Odis 4.3.3 download link

Where to download Odis 4.3.3?

Search on Google and you’ll find a lot of links

Part 2: Odis 4.3.3 keygen

Does it have keygen?

You don’t need one.

If this 4.3.3 runs without key, why the former 4.2.3 was with a hardware key? Or is there any other resctrictions for using?

v4.2.3 was protected with Enigma software so that it needed activation key to load program (IMMO)
v4.3.3 was provided by Mr totalfree with no such restrictions

Part 3: Odis service Windows 7

Which windows install windows 7 x86 or x64?

Both are working fine for me.

Can you give me (us) a few more details about how you installed it on win 10?

There is nothing special with the install method, It is same as on win7. The difference is that you need to replace 1 file before running the setup, and 2 files after install. The main thing that I tricked is how determine the running os version. Mainly if the running os is win10, act as if it would win7.

Please notice that if you install this version of Odis on Windows 10 no choice for 5054 in the selection exists anymore.
And the vcx driver doesn’t get it working on Windows 10, too because it seems to emulate the 5054 type and not the 6154
Running Windows 7 seems to be the best option at this point.

Part 4: Odis-s 4.3.3 device

you are using ODIS 4.3.3 with Clone head VAS5054a? Works 100%?

ODIS 4.3.3 , ODIS 8.1.3 work perfectly with clone and original VAS 5054 with 1.20.41.
I’m using 1.20.42 version with clone. It is enough to replace the folder 5054 from 1.20.41 in 小/ProgramFiles(x86)/Softing/D-PDU API/1.20.042/VeCom.
ODIS E 8.1.3 isn’t full. I copy projects from service and VRT-VPT files from old ODIS(automatic recognition of the project)

Part 5: Odis 4.3.3 install

When Odis 4.3.3 install and run it ok Update looking for me. ort pick and then try and get this picture as that data are not current. dal has a solution for this problem ?? 

With DB version 51.0.40 you must use licence NVASC (No Bentley)
With DB version 51.0.20 you can use ANY licence file

I installed odis 4.3.3. And VW Toareg is tested. Good working tested. But main display comeback is error message. What is the problem?


I was helped by the system reboot. When the program worked, important updates were installed.
After this event, the automatic system update was disabled.
The error did not appear any more.

I have installed ODIS and I can not install postsetup as I get an error called ODS9029E 
Infrasructure.vW online connection.Mirror server 2:
Error duringpost set-up product Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service.
No component was found

During any PostSetup installations or updates to the database existing, you need to run ODIS with ADMIN powers.
Either that or you are pointing ODIS to the wrong location for updates.

Can you post a how do to for removing EDIC_D_PDU_API_1.20.42

Remove EDIC 1.20.42 from PC
Then install this older EDIC attached


from what I understand, the installation of this odis, is done and after finishing you must install the EDIC_D_PDU_API_1.20.41, so that it recognizes the device ?, if so, could someone explain how to perform that step of uninstallation and installation, of EDIC DPU ?, is there any risk of damaging my clone device? Thank you

If you should check post install (before you plug in your device) in Add/Remove programs you should see Softing D-PDU API V1.20.042 EDIC_D_PDU_API_OE/OS

Remove these from PC and reboot (just in case)

Install the EDIC provided above with version 041

Then plug in your device and test

What do I have to choose to install? Can I have VW, AUDI, Seat .. in the same program?

For now you choose NVASC
N – VW Commercial
V – VW
A – Audi
S – Seat
C – Skoda
E – Bentley, but no PostSetup existing yet.

Part 6: Odis 4.3.3 Postsetup 51.0.40

What differences between postsetup 51.0.20 and 51.0.40?
On Erwin it s 510.20

51.0.30 have newer database for bentley and 51.0.40 have newer database for audi……
Erwin almost never provide the newer and latest databases except only if exist any critical……..

How To update when an other postsetup is already installed ?

DB = 51.0.70 is current value…
BUT the issue is not how to update, as that is simple.
Problem is you will need to add all NEW files to the existing database to allow update. For this material needs uploading, and also you need access to all Brands too, otherwise update will fail due to missing files.

I don t understand why so many differents versions of postsetup.
Postsetup version is different depending on the country?

Erwin she is not any ‘developer’ or ‘factory’ and of course none any VAG company……..
She is just let’s we say ‘corporate’ company for support indypendent workshops………
So the postsetup that she provide to the indypendent workshops is the main postsetup when new Odis version going out from VAG…….
All the Odis postsetup updates are available only to the official VAG workshops and dealers via their Btac network server……..
When exist any very critical update, then Erwin she provide the new and full postsetup with these updates as she made few months ago with the Odis 4.1.3……..
I hope now clear the things for you………


i’m trying to download postsetup using megadownloader software to avoid message “bandwidth limit exceeded”, but after download 5,37gb i’ve that message anyway….how it’s possible? what can i do to download postsetup?

  1. Reboot your router (to possibly change internet address)
    2. Wait
    3. Pay for Mega account


Part 7: Odis 4.3.3 license

Which licence file did you use?

Here u have licence

# Serial number of your license
SerialNumber = 123456789

# License validity
ValidTill = 01/01/2020

#certificate version, always 1
2.16.820.1.113700.0 = 1

2.16.820.1.113700.2 = EU

#Dealer country code
2.16.820.1.113700.3 = DEU

#Mirrorserver, optional, if not present it will default to http://www.volkswagen.com
2.16.820.1.113700.4 = http://mirrorserver/dav

#Product Name
2.16.820.1.113700.5 = Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service

#Feature ID
2.16.820.1.113700.6 = odis.main.service

#Don’t know for what is it. its new. think is same as customer ID
2.16.820.1.113700.7 = 12345

#Brand Audi
2.16.820.1.113700.10 = A
2.16.820.1.113700.10.1 = 219
2.16.820.1.113700.10.2 = 00000
2.16.820.1.113700.10.3 = H

#Brand Seat
2.16.820.1.113700.15 = S
2.16.820.1.113700.15.1 = 219
2.16.820.1.113700.15.2 = 00000
2.16.820.1.113700.15.3 = H

#Brand VW
2.16.820.1.113700.16 = V
2.16.820.1.113700.16.1 = 219
2.16.820.1.113700.16.2 = 00000
2.16.820.1.113700.16.3 = H

# Audi
2.16.820.1.113700.100.1.1 = 2.16.820.1.113700.10

# VW
2.16.820.1.113700.100.1.2 = 2.16.820.1.113700.16

# Seat
2.16.820.1.113700.100.1.4 = 2.16.820.1.113700.15

# is hw supported
2.16.820.1.113700.100.2 = y
# Workshop Code
2.16.820.1.113700.100.3 = 00000000002E
# Device ID, aka “tool ID” for VAS systems, if not present it will default to 00000
2.16.820.1.113700.100.4 = 00000
# PC manufacturer
2.16.820.1.113700.100.5 = Sinclair
# PC model
2.16.820.1.113700.100.6 = ZX-Spectrum