Genuine vs Clone MPPS V18 reads ECU data

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Genuine MPPS V18… Look here:

genuine-mpps-v18-1 genuine-mpps-v18-2 genuine-mpps-v18-3

Cloned MPPS V18…Look here:

Mpps v18 china clone look

mpps-v18-review-2 mpps-v18-review-3 mpps-v18-review-7

read and write td5 Landrover , tricore read and write edc17c10 and unlock pcr2.1

mpps-v18-read-land-rover-edc17c10-1 mpps-v18-read-land-rover-EDC17c10-2 mpps-v18-read-land-rover-EDC17c10-3

Read the ECU in my 2011 VW Scirocco 2.0 TDI Bosche EDC17C46 with a Tricore cable

In detail…

So, MPPS V18 HQ clone from China can work as well as MPPS V18 Genuine.

Mpps v18 clone User Manual:

MPPS V18 cable is good at general reading / writing operations and checksum; it also includes some additional features:

Excellent recovery functions. In some cases MPPS can recover ECU’s which others tools can not even make communications with. On certain controllers it even works when with no program is present (a blank memory).

Optional full / partial reading and writing when the ECU allows this function.

Optional reading / writing speed.

Writing “changes only” function for faster programming (when supported by the ECU).

Auto detection of K-Line/CAN, and option to bypass and force preferred means of communication.

Temporary bypass of immobiliser to allow flashing on the bench on ME7 systems.

Boot mode support for ECU’s with C167 and ST10 processors.

EEprom read/write functions for some ECU’s are included.

VAG MEDC17 TPROT level checking without opening the ECU.

MPPS V18 Car List: same as the genuine