How to use Tech II to set up tire pressure monitoring

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

This is helpful on 2001+ ZO6’s to add the T82 Automatic Headlamp operation at night feature as well as adding the tire pressure monitoring function. Both of which are built into the ZO6’s Body Control Module (BCM) and just need to be “turned on” in order to work. The Automatic headlamp function usually requires no parts to be purchased but the tire pressure monitoring system needs to have sensors installed on all 4 tires.

Step 1: Obtain a working TECH2 (original or HQ clone- both ok)


note: Tech 2 knockoff has many types and here is a chart for you to know all.

Item NO. Package Weight(kg) 32MB Card CANDI TIS2000 USB Key Hot Selling
SP23 Plastic Case 5.1 Yes Yes YES ★★★★★
SP23-1 Carton Box 3.5 Yes Yes yes ★★★★★
SP23-B Plastic Case 4.8 Yes Yes yes ★★★★★
SP23-B3 Carton Box 3.2 Yes Yes yes ★★★★★
SP23-C Plastic Case 8.9 Yes Yes yes ★★★
SP23-D Plastic Case 8.9 Yes Yes yes ★★★
SP23-D1 Plastic Case 8.9 yes yes yes just add 1*sp23-v vci module
All of GM Tech2 are same functions, they are just from different factory.
SP23,SP23-1 the same, just the package case is different, one is with plastic case, one not.
SP23-B,SP23-B3 the same factory, the packing is different, one is with plastic case, one not.Step

2: Startup TECH2


Step 3:

Enter Diagnostics menu


Step4: Enter year of car


Step5: Enter Passenger Car menu


Step 6: Select Body from the menu


Step 7: Select Y body from menu


Step 7: Select Y body from menu


Step 9: Select transmission type


Step 15: Enter Remote function actuation menu


Step 16: Enter special functions menu


Step 17: Enter set options menu


Step 18: Enter tire pressure monitor menu


Step 19: Toggle function on and hit save options and power off TECH2


When you’re finished go ahead and train your tire pressure sensors through the driver information center.

tech2-set-up-tire-pressure-monitoring-17 tech2-set-up-tire-pressure-monitoring-18