How to use Lonsdor K518ise add 2010 Freelander 2 smart key

Programmeur De Clef
Smart Card Appearance by 2013 (Card Startup)
After 2014 smart card appearance
Knowledge sharing:

12 years ago (new key addition / key deletion / old key recovery), all operations require a car key support, smart card learning position (activation button below the card slot)

Equipment need: Lonsdor K518ise

Freelander 2 generation :
After 12 years (new key increase / key deletion / old key recovery / key all lost)
Case Studies:
A 2010 Freelander 2 smart key all lost (card start) technician sent back2 smart card match.
According to equipment prompts for the following: ( K518ISE )
Device prompts need a registered smart card (consulting manufacturers get the car to support all lost at the same time there are other technicians to practice success). When the device prompts you to insert a registered key, do not ignore it and directly determine the next step.

Insert the new smart key into the card slot and wait for the directional lock to be unlocked (eg, popped up, multiple insert attempts may be made until the key hits) The technician repeated the above action for more than 50times and the key still popped up without being inhaled (during which the technician Everywhere online for help, the answers are varied, one by one after trying unsuccessfully to end) The technician to our last call for help, according to empirical analysis of 100% sure to send back the deputy factory key is wrong, it is recommended to change the key to match . Due to the customer waiting for the car, the technician asked us if there are other ways to let the vehicle start, we recommend solutions are as follows:

First, remove the copilot’s glove box (BCM) module

Second, decomposition BCM computer
Two-layer circuit board is connected through the pin (non-welding) can use the soft tool to knock down
Memory IC : 25LC320 (use editor 95320 to read EEP data)
Third, tango write start chip (VVDI2 / TM100)
Key position Tip: you must uninstall the 1 or 2 position of the original car to start support  76323FK1 (NXP)  / 7936 core chip ( follow-up: At this point we let the technicians try to write him back the key deputy plant, equipment tips chip data errors can not be completed, More proof of the key error we think before the judge sent back )
Fourth, restore loading
Write back the new key data to the memory IC: 95320, loading, the newly written 7936 chip into the shell into the slot, start the vehicle
BCM board separation and recovery tips (percussion connection pin)

Case Summary : This car adds a lost all the steps (lost all the keys to the directOBDmatch)This case allows technicians to Land Rover to write a step-by-step start-up process to have a deeper understanding of the technician feedback after three days, made a new key click It’s