(Solved) Nexiq USB Link clone NOT connect to any truck

Diagnostic Camion

Nexiq USB Link 2 clone (called VXTRUCKS V8 USB Link) started blinking the 3 lights in a specif orderafter i atualized the firmware via internet, and can`t connect to any truck anymore.


Someone have any way to turn the firmware back to it original?
I have another nexiq usblink from china too that i can “copy” the firmware, is that possible?

How to solve:

– China NEXIQ USB Clones cannot survive update with original nexiq firmware,
so if your friend has moderate soldering skills, then he can readout firmware file from flash memory of “untouched” china clone and put it in #killed# one.

I do not have nexiq hardware at hand now, but IMHO he must desolder flash memory chip from working one, put it on programmer, read it, save file, then unsolder flash memory from nonworking one, put in on programmer and flash it with saved file.

Of course, before any flashing you can desolder flash from nonworking one and put there flash memory from working one, just to be sure that problem is in flash memory.

– No need to be updated because the result would be the same it will not work, simply reformat the laptop or use an additional USB adapter.It has been my tried and succeeded.You simply reinstall firmware v1.0

remember where the first time you connect the USB port, meaning the usb port 1, port2 on the laptop.You can also look in computer management \ device manager \ Jungo \ there should be a USB device \ windriver.Good luck.

If you are using WIN XP. / WIN 7/8 you have to reinstall the PC / notebook / formate driver C / REMEMBER Coppy your data if only one partition.After you install all the software and nexiq drives, usb vincle nexiq connect to a PC / notebook to install the new one.If you find welcom to the found new hardware wizard or click cancel driver updates.Open Computer Management \ Device Manager \ Jungo \ if there is a usb device that is an exclamation point, click disable usb device And off usb nexiq of the computer after the reinstall usb nexiq to the computer and then click enable usb device and then restart your computer and unplug the usb nexiq back of the computer.Do the same on the other port.Good luck.

Connect to a computer usb nexiq vehicle.CAUTION cancle welcome to the new hardware found.go to Control panel \ administrative tools \ computer management \ device manager \ Jungo – usb device — click disable – unplug usb nexiq vehicle from computer.Then connect back to the computer usb vehicle nexiq — click enable usb devices – usb nexiq venhicle back off of the computer — restart the computer .