How to solve Xentry Setup MD5-Error (customer solution)

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

This is a problem and solution of  Xentry Setup MD5-Error.

Problem: Xentry openshell 12/2016 stuck a early step.

Dell E5500 Core2duo 4GBram
250GBssd partitioning C:160GB D:80GB around.
Windows7 professional 64bit SP1
Use a iso file 26.2GB mounted Edrive as Daemontools

Start setup exe feel no problem with some apply a update.
Many modules copy for C drive and near finish…
Setup procedure work ” Rollback ” uninstall many module.
And had” MD5 error ” end of setup.

xentry_setup_error_md5 xentry-rollback

Xentry diagnostic openshell

Setup MD5-Error: Please contact your support

Tip of solutions with most Thanks in the MH forum:

1st. Corrupted ISO (Happens with anything: Provider, OP System, Antivirus, Hangups with anything that I wrote before, bad HW, bad HDD, bad USB, viruses … etc.)
Every packet in installer must have “TRUE” at the finish, if not = roll back.
2nd. Installer errors.

Will introduce 2nd.
I don`t remember the version 2015.12 or 2016.03
The installer returns variable of your HDD space to begin the installation.

So. Just example. You have 100GB. on HDD.
Installer checked it = minus OP system = nearly 90GB.
Variable was = 90GB., so OK. Usually 70-80GB. is needed for the installation.
So the packet under number 3?X is rewriting this variable once again.
So … another value of this variable is signed to a memory.
But you have already installed 60GB. near this packet … the installer think that you have only 30GB. of free space to install = roll it back.

Solved !!
Cause == problem of iso File
Retry use with other iso File little newly version.
Fix for roll back problem.

Credits to DieTRih. Thanks forgood advice.