Diagnose Peugeot Partner by Launch EasyDiag X431 PRO3 app OK

Launch X431

This blog will show you: how to diagnose Peugeot Partner using Launch EasyDiag 2.0 and Launch X431 PRO3 software?

Tested read& clear DTC codes, perform actuation test OK!

Plug Launch EasyDiag adapter into Peugeot Partner OBD port.

When both red and blue indicators on, the connection is OK.


Install Launch X431 PRO3 software on a Android or IOS tablet.

Open the software and select Peugeot.


You will open Launch X431 software Peugeot V43.11.


Choose “Automatically Search” and you can see vehicle information: Car model, VIN number and engine type.


Click “Yes” and it will automatically start a quick test for Peugeot Partner all systems and modules.

Such as engine ECU, ABS, BSI, airbag module, Steering wheel module, etc.


After that, you can click the faulty system to read and clear DTC codes.


Other options are also available like: Read Data Stream, Actuation Test and Special Function.

Launch EasyDiag with Launch 431 PRO3 app read and clear Peugeot Partner Bosch Me745 ECU DTC codes OK!

Peugeot Partner P1336, P1338,P1339, P1340, P0336, P0106, P0113…


Launch EasyDiag with Launch 431 PRO3 app support Actuation Test for below:

Motorised Butterfly, Injector 1 to Injector 4, Fuel pump relay, Fan assembly high speed, low speed fan…