How to read VW Golf 6 NEC 24C32 IMMO+ mileage by FVDI FULL?

FVDI 2 ABRITES Commander

It’s confirmed OK to read 2012 VW Golf 6 NEC 24C32 IMMO data and mileage by FLY FVDI FULL Version!

How to do that? Check below operating pictures and FVDI IMMO data reading steps.

Open FVDI Abrites software, go to bottom of menu.

Click “Special functions” tab and choose “CAN Instrumental”.


Click “Read immo data” button and FVDI will read VW Golf 6 NEC 24C32 IMMO data successfully.


Show Golf 6 immobilizer information like IMMO ID, PIN code, programmed key number, etc.


And click “Read mileage” button, FVDI also read Golf 6 mileage as 59648.

(The dashboard mileage show: 59623)

A little bit difference but OK.

fvdi-fly-full-package-read-vw-golf-6-immo-data-mileage-4 fvdi-fly-full-package-read-vw-golf-6-immo-data-mileage-5

Now click “Save to file” button, to save and name the Golf 6 IMMO dump file.


In this way, FVDI with all 18 software read VW Golf 6 NEC 24C32 IMMO date and mileage successfully!