What’s laptop best for Rheingold and XDOS?

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

Thread: What is the best laptop out right now to run ISTA P, Rheingold and XDOS? I am currently using Lenovo T420’s and for Xdos I find the speed to be alright on Windows 7 64bit. On IstaP it takes about 15 minutes to identify the vehicle for programing which is pretty long… Should I generally be looking for a SSD, I7 and 16gb or less or better?

Im using BMW Rheingold ISTA-D 4.04.12 ISTA-P

and Mercedes Diagnostic Openshell 2017.05

Reviews: (BIG THANKS to all contributors)

I use E6430, SSDs are your friends if you want speed, ISTA is always long cause it reads a whole bunch of info from different modules

I use a Lenovo yoga 2 11 inchwith a ssd and it’s still faster then the system at my work.

I use a Lenovo X230 with i5 and 8gb RAM. Works perfect

I use a Dell D630…it comes with my sdconnect c4. it’s a bundle i bought. Worked. The laptop with HHD but when i update sdconnect software to 2017.03, i buy software SSD version. Works much faster.

I’m also using D630, with icom a2. icom software needs 4Gb or more memory.