Which tool for BMW 2017 Coding/Programming?

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

How to do coding and programming on 2017 new BMW cars? Here are three options for you, including Launch X431 V scan tool, ICOM Next A+B+C, VXDIAG A3.


Option 1: Launch X431 V 8 inch tablet coding/programming on new BMW 2017 

The 8-inch X431 V is verified to work no issues on BMW the 2017 year.

BMW v49.55 software can diagnose the electronic systems of BMW up to 2017, incl. Engine, chassis, body and other parts. The operation is the same as the original scan tool.


More functions are supported, incl. automatically search, manually select, coding program and special functions….

Note: Coding program

The coding program is much easier to operate, compared with the original equipment. Just click on the tablet to finish coding. Repairmen/users can save the training cost, which usually is as several times as the tool.

launch-x431-v-8-inch-special-funxtions-5 launch-x431-v-8-inch-special-funxtions-6 launch-x431-v-8-inch-special-funxtions-7

The BMW coding program interface via Launch x431 v

launch-x431-v-8-inch-special-funxtions-8 launch-x431-v-8-inch-special-funxtions-9

new x-431 v bmw software features:

– bmw key programming…perfect

cheaper than a professional bmw key programmer

much much easier to program keys than with others

less risk to take

– special functions….ok

tested 100% with oil, tpms, brake, sas, gearlearn & bleeding

– free update with 2 years


Option 2: BMW ICOM Next coding/programming on BMW the 2017 year

The DCAN (aka INPA DCAN, K+DCAN etc) cable is probably about $30, and an ENET cable would be $10 or so (it’s a very basic ethernet cable with a car plug on one end)

ENET is for the F series cars, the DCAN will cover most BMWs from 1996 onwards to the last of the E series and sometimes beyond. But ICOM Next support all BMW E/F/G/I series and future models (so 2017 bmw included), best for BMW repair work in a garage.

(The NOTE- ICOM Next

Bmw icom next is fasterthan the old bmw icom. It is also better built IMHO.

And 2017 Next is WIFI available also.

It handles multiprogramming and coding quite nicely.

Gets the job done much faster if flashing the complete vehicle.

Another benefit to Next will be compatibility for future cars.)

These will normally come with a DVD of the software. Since you have ISTA/D, you’ve probably already got a DCAN cable, so all you’d need is the software, which would be BMW Standard tools 2.12 which you can find is you search for a download link on google.

NCS expert does coding, WinKFP does programmingand both of these will do what YOU say, not what BMW wants, so you can do things like reprogram engine and autobox ECUs to a different model spec that might be sportier for example.
ISTA/P wouldn’t allow something like that.

The ENET cable is used for coding (and maybe programming too) on the F series cars, and you’ll be able to change any setting you like, even do strange custom stuff and activate features meant for other parts of the world.

All in all,

ISTA/P is slow and awkward to use, the best thing to do is learn how to use NCS expert, that will do far more of the fancy coding that ISTA won’t do, and it skips a lot of the programming.

I’d avoid trying to reprogram anything unless you have a specific reason to, and even then, use winKFP to do it.
ISTA/P will automatically draw out a measures plan which means updating every module on the car at the same time, it might take a long time and start asking for the optical MOST connection.

All the fun coding stuff tends to be done through NCS expert and it is far more flexible.

A good tip of BMW Coding NCS Expert:


Option 3: Vxdiag A3 coding/programming on ’2017 BMW

Vxdiag A3 diagnostic tool runs with the same bmw diagnostic software as icom a2 and icom next, so it can work as well as BMW ICOM.

What is VXDIAG A3?

Allscanner VXDIAG A3 = €409

BMW ICOM A2 (€475) + Vxdiag vcx nano 5054 odis 3.0.3 wifi (€59.99) + Vxdiag vcx nano Jaguar Land Rover JLR SDD v145 (€95) = €629.99

So, SAVED 210.99 with a VXDIAG A3 diagnostic tool!

Allscanner Vxdiag A3 vs BMW ICOM

1- manufacturer & hardware design

VXDIAG A3 and ICOM A2 is designed and produced by different manufacturers.

2- original or clone

VXDIAG A3 is original, made by Allscanner.

ICOM A2+B+C is the copy version; differs from various China factories.

3- stability: THE MOST IMPOTRANT!!!! 

VXDIAG A3 runs much more stable than icom a2 in diagnostics and programming.

4- BMW motorcycles solution

Icom a2 with Icom D adapter 100% work great for BMW moto diagnostics and programming, but this function is not confirmed by Allscanner. Maybe need luck with vxdiag a3.

So, it not advised as an investment of bmw moto repair.

(UPDATE: Vxdiag A3 with ICOM D is confirmed to work OK on bmw moto)

5- software version

Vxdiag a3: ISTA-D v40.01.21  ISTA-P v3.59.4.004

Icom a2: ISTA-D: 3.51.31 ISTA-P:

The newest icom software version:

ISTA-D 4.04.12 ISTA-P

Note: vxdiag a3 not only can work with bmw icom software but ODIS software, JLR SDD.

That is, it’s used as a full diagnostic & programming tool for BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini, LAND ROVER &JAGUAR.


In summary,

For new BMW the 2017 year coding/programming,