Download OPCOM Firmware 1.70 1.65 1.59 1.45 (PCB attached)

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

Opel Opcom software vaux-com 120309a download free:!sPBnlZqT!vzaV6dx66ol0Y3gDrWDSAYZFjtkoBJz0cEtmuXWeOFc

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opcom firmware 1.65 download:

opcom firmware 1.70 download:

opcom firmware 1.59 download:

opcom firmware 1.45 download:

OPCOM fw 1.70 1.65 1.59 1.45 1.39 PCB download:

Opcom firmware 1.70 PCB

opcom-firmware-1.70-pcb-1 opcom-firmware-1.70-pcb-2

Opcom firmware 1.65 PCB

opcom-firmware-1.65-pcb-1 opcom-firmware-1.65-pcb-2

Opcom firmware 1.59 PCB

There are two versions of op-com firmware 1.59

Opcom with item no. sp105

sp105-Opcom-firmware-1.59-PCB-1 sp105-Opcom-firmware-1.59-PCB-2 sp105-Opcom-firmware-1.59-PCB-3 sp105-Opcom-firmware-1.59-PCB-4

Opcom with item no. sp105-b

sp105-b-Opcom-firmware-1.59-PCB-1 sp105-b-Opcom-firmware-1.59-PCB-2 sp105-b-Opcom-firmware-1.59-PCB-3 sp105-b-Opcom-firmware-1.59-PCB-4

Opcom firmware 1.45 PCB


Opcom 2009 / opcom firmware 1.39 PCB

opcom-2009-PCB-4 opcom-2009-PCB-1 opcom-2009-PCB-2 opcom-2009-PCB-3

Opcom firmware 1.70 vs Opcom fw 1.65 vs Op-com fw 1.59 vs Op-com fw 1.45

Opel Opcom china clones are different from the PCB design but have the same functions via vaux-com software.