How to choose the best BMW Mileage Correction Tool/Software?

outil de correction odomètre

Where to buy the Best BMW Mileage Correction Tool/Software?

It’s a buying guide of how to choose a bmw mileage correction tool/software of high quality at a good price.

You have 2 options, 1 buy a speefilter OEM from us if the car is new, your client can control EVERY ECU km from day 1 with pressing a button on the steering wheel, second if your looking to make COMPLETE fix on bmws you’ll need more than 1 tool
1)You’ll need a tool like Digiprog 3 or something to do dashes
2)You’ll need something to do cas units, depending if you want to do obd2 or remove them
3)You’ll need cleaner software that can clean every ECU out of ANY model BMW, all 12-15 ecu’s per car and every km record, even DME/DDE

The one thing that I have only seen on 1 tool is the removal of all 4 cas3/3+ history KM’s, thats right its not just 1 KM that needs to be changed with all these hi end tools as well, there are aside from the main one inside eeprom, which syncs with dash and keys, there are 3 HISTORY KM’s that the unit stores as well.

Digimaster 3 for odo and R280, R270 for cas, newer models (Fxx) need canfilter!

FVDI clone not good!

ALL MODULES CAN BE DONE, and OVER OBD2 very easily in fact. That’s number 1, number 2 Fxx do not need canfilters, if you need to repair the km if there too far to use a speedfilter to stop km you can do like me, change our cas4 unit completely with one that is ordered for the car’s vin, do the dash and they will sync. Then use sw to do all the other ecus

Digimaster 3 is the best mileage correction tool for BMW CAS 2000-2016.
Share a 2000-2016 BMW CAS models list on mileage correction and key programming,follow the list, you can check the corresponding CAS modules.

Digimaster 3: 2000-2016 BMW CAS models
  CAS 1 CAS 2 CAS 3 CAS 3+ CAS 4 FEM
Mileage correction Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Method OBD or BDM (wiring) BDM (wiring) OBD or BDM (wiring) OBD or BDM (wiring) BDM (wiring) via adding FEM filter
Dashboard removal Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes – directly add to the FEM module;

– add to the back of dashboard

Key programming Yes Yes Yes Yes, via OBD Yes NO
Notes Digiprog 3 supports mileage correction CAS4 before 06/30/2016; but no luck with CAS4+ after 06/30/2016


For the CAS system after 2010, it comes with cpu of 5M48H.


Digimaster3BMW Car List (2000-2016)
BMW Car Model CAS1
BMW 1 Series   2004-2006
2007(E87) 2008-2011
BMW 3 Series   2005-2006
2007(E90) 2008-2012
BMW 5 Series   2004-2006
2007(E60) 2008-2010
Not available yet
BMW 6 Series   2004-2007
2008(E63/E64) 2009-2010
Not available yet
BMW 7 Series 2001-2004
Not available yet
BMW X1 Series       2010-2014
  Not available yet
BMW X3 Series         2011-2013
Not available yet
BMW X5 Series     2007(E70) 2008-2013
BMW X6 Series       2008-2014
Not available yet Not available yet
BMW Z4 Series       2010-2013
Not available yet Not available yet

Digiprog 3 vs. Digimaster 3

Both Digi3 and Digimaster should do the job. Digi3 is cheap and good, Digimaster is more like a professional tool, and of course costs much more.

bmw f30 mileage correction:

Credit: http://mhhauto.com/Thread-Odometer-in-BMW-F30-with-FEM

R270+ programmer should be able to do the dash on f30 

in dash you have QD160. and if you put filter in FEM tell you customer
that when he go with car to dealer and they read out the mileage from the key
that they will read the Original mileage still. and if the car has tele option then they can see
on computer the Original mileage in house.

To do the key…

If he got new fem from dealer coded to car it comes with 0km, if he makes dash xxxxx fem will take km from dash. Once both are synced with same km, he takes each key 1×1 and drives 15-20km and key will take new mileage. After that using bmw explorer or bmw cleaner he should clean all the other ecus to 0. If hes smart he’ll put in a speed filter after this if the car is going to stay on the road

bmw e90 mileage correction tool:

Credit: http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=435472

bmw e60 mileage correction:

Credit: http://www.bimmerforums.co.uk/forum/f9/mileage-correction-my-e60-t247161/

mileage correction bmw f10:

Credit: http://www.bimmerforums.co.uk/forum/f15/mileage-correction-f10-north-east-england-t146186/

Credit to http://www.obd2diy.fr/