VAS 5054A ODIS 4.0.0 Question and Answers (FAQ)

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

FAQs of VAS 5054A ODIS 4.0.0… Here you go.

Where to download odis 4.0.0 for free?

Odis 4.0.0 download on Mega

free download Odis 4.0.0

new ODIS-S 4.0.0 ONLY no launcher

ODIS 4.0 + Postsetup +launcher + Keygen+ licence.rar

ODIS 4.0.0 torrent without password

Odis v4 work with all vas5054a china clone?

Odis v4.0.0 have been tested with almost 5054a china clones, but it cannot work work with all the devices.

Here is the VAS 5054A ODIS 4.0.0 test report, successful or failed.





sp33-d…………….NOT worked

sp33-c…………….NOT worked

(tested via

During install of ODIS 4.0.0 it only offers VAS 6154 or PassThru.
Does anyone know if it still supports a VAS 5054a if we choose VAS 6154 during the install?

Yes can be suuport 5054a head

During install should we choose VAS 6154 then and not “Passthru”?

Just use default device.
VAS5054a is working good with ODIS 4.0.0.

How does one go about getting the VAS5054a head to work with ODIS-S 4.0.0? I cannot get it to connect. It is seen in device manager in windows 10 but under “extras/diagnostic interface” in ODIS-S, all I have as options are VAS6154 and pass through. Everything worked fine with ODIS-S 3.1.3.

ODIS v4 in WIN 10 does not support VAS5054 anymore, if you want to get the VAS5054A head to work with ODIS v4, then try WIN7.
BTW ODIS v4 is more friendly in WIN 1

How to install ODIS 4.0.0 on Windows 10?

I can confirm that the VAS5054a definitely DOES NOT work under windows 10. When running under windows 7 Vas5054 and Vas5055 are available as options along with the newer VAS6154 and passThru.

I tried compatibility mode and even sniffed the registry to see if it queried a version key and it doesn’t appear to do so. I copied the software drivers from my Win7 install and placed them in the correct directories but this didn’t work as the installer must build the environment after its checks. I can see in log files on windows 10 that it actually “uninstalls” the SOFTING drivers if they are on the machine in the ODIS-S folders…

Looks like anyone out there wanting to run ODIS on Windows 10 natively will be stuck with 3.1.3 in compatibility mode or Windows 7 with ODIS 4.0.0

Anyone knows if the post setup are different for USA and euro market ?

The PS is different for Eu vs. Usa since Odis v3.x.x

I tried several times to include multiple brands. It looks as licensing is the problem and post-setup update is not picking up brands other than the one that is licensed. 

To fix the license issue you need to go into the installation directory and open license location with notepad++ and make the change like you did to the installation directory for e.g. (…… AU or ……. VW)

or just use X-COPY and make a single starter file with choices.