(Résolu) ICOM NEXT Erreur ISTA-P survenue pendant l’exécution

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

Used ISTA / P 3.60.1 (Loader 6.1F) with ICOM NEXT for bmw motorcycle programming but met the error message:


Bei der Durchfuhrung der MaBnahme ist ein Fehler aufgetreten

94201    Fachdiendtinitialisierung fhelgeschlagen

-2        Global Unknown

1000000  Global Unknown



(Error in ISTA P

An error occurred during the execution of the action

94201 Technical deadline initialization fhelgeschlagen

-2        Global Unknown

1000000  Global Unknown)

Here is the customer solution:

Try to disconnect the battery for 15 min.
then reconnect the battery
turn ignition on (KL:15)
wait 1min and then connect the ICOM and restart

On a note from another:

There is not enough info to determine which model the programming is being attempted on but the belief that disconnecting battery on the the bikes does some form of reset on engine ECU is an urban myth, power is removed from the processor systems and memory every time the ignition is turned off

I will try and report here. Hope it does help.