ETKA Electronic Catalogue V7.5 error and solution

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

There are two frequently errors happened to ETKA Electronic Catalogue V7.5, what are the solution? Go on reading following parts.

Error 1:
ETKA 7.4 has been working well for a long time. There was no pressing need to try to install ETKA 7.5. Data is updated every week with no problem with the programs available on Today I got a pop up telling me “We will no longer support the currently installed ETKA version 7.4plus and it must be updated”. An “ETKA 7.5 Download now and install” button was present. Could it be this easy??? The 76.4 MB “ETKA75_Installation.exe” file was downloaded and started. After asking me to select the language (U.S. English in my case) my wishful thinking ended. “On this system no ETKA7 installation has been found. The installation will be aborted.” This happens on my Windows 7 installation as well as my XP installation. I am sure the procedure by Floryn_Pl will work, but that calls for a complete reinstallation.

If you have already 7.4 , delete folder C:\ ETKA , COPY – and paste 7.5 from other PC when you installed it . No need do whole reinstalation
I did that on 3 of my PC, updated only one and paste to all 3 .All working good inc future update. I mean delete or rename the whole folder.

Error 2:
etka 7.5 new problem ” Feature has expired (H0041)
Here’s the new dll files for ETKA 7.5
VAG ETKA dll files:
Paste to ETKA/prog1 and to ETKA/prog2
Then ETKA is working again.