Digiprog 3 V4.94 K-line communication error fix

Révision KM d'Odomètre

Here is the solution to Digiprog3 odometer correction master tool K-line communication error.

My DP3 has K-line connection error, but K-CAN works OK. It works fine about 3 months for me without any problem, when I try to connect it with oldest cars (k line) it couldn’t connect and write communication error… I read a lot thread, but I could not find the right answer…I checked Q23 and Q26 transistors, but it’s ok. I see that relays manage ULN2803 maybe it could cause k line error problem (see error screenshot below)? Any ideas, because i checked board visually and I couldn’t find out what’s the problem it is. My understanding is that I need to verify components, but how?

Solution 1:
Check the resister here:
nr 23 -mosfet smd 702(2n7002) nr 26 -3k transistor(bc858 smd)
This is correct aem!
Need change these 4 transistors in picture below (2 12W FET and 2 3K transistor). And working fine K-line!
Solution 2:
Another Digiprog III component modification method:
Change resister 10 ohmn ones (forget the extra left errors)
If the 10ohmn resister is correct, then check what capacitors are missing there
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the damage.