OBDSTAR EEPROM adapter is free authorized with X100 Pro  

The OBDSTAR EEPROM adapter for X100 Pro which was €62 is free now authorized when you buy X100 Pro (C+D), following two pictures are proved. FYI, C= mileage correction, D= key programming. Following parts list all of the OBDSTAR X100 Pro EEPROM adapter testable vehicle models. EEPROM_ADAPTER EEPROM Read pin code Audi Engine ECU(95040) Engine ECU(95080) Immobiliser(C46M6) Dash board(C66M6) Dash board(93C86) Baic E150 BCM(24C16) Engine ECU(95080) E130 BCM(24C16) Engine ECU(95080) Magic speeContinue Reading→