Confirmed! VVDI-Prog and VVDI2on Porsche Boxster GTS 2016

Confirmed! VVDI-Prog and VVDI2 are able to program a new smart dealer key to Porsche Boxster GTS 2016, without any issue. Test from the Xhorse team working for Tested with xHORSE tools VVDI2 and VVDI Prog Porsche Boxster GTS 2016 – Keyless go Pcm location Move parts and cut the line Wired connected Step 1: VVDI-Prog read and backup D flash and P flash Type: 4 IMMOBILIZER Brand: PORSHCE Chip: BCM-5M48H-BACKUP Wiring diagram MC9S12 reflash cable Initialization chip:Continue Reading→