Renault CAN CLIP V178 Reviews (updated on 07-2018)

2018 Renault CAN CLIP V178 Reviews: Review 1: I have bought CAN Clip v178 before some day. I’m using the site it’s green board with « golden edges » version, with chip Cypress AN2135 and NEC relays, for which seller claims its the best clone. I have’t tested it yet on a newer vehicle, but he says it would work as it should, without any problem, also he (had) evContinue Reading→

Renault CAN CLIP linear stabilizer 3v PCB rework

Renault CAN CLIP PCB Modification of the linear stabilizer 3 v The stabilizer produces exactly 3 v , and the USB controller on the PDIUSBD12 – on the datasheet should feed 3.3 volts , Stabilizer 3 v Finalization   On the reverse side under N07A, the bottom cut of the divider 271 = 270 Ohm is soldered to it with a « sandwich » in parallel with the resistor SMD   222 = 2.2 kΩ   or evaporate the resistor 271 and solder the resistor 241 = 240 Ohm  The output of thContinue Reading→

Renault CAN CLIP interface ISO board

There was the following defect, resulting in periodic loss of CAN CLIP Renault communication over USB: Due to the unprinted printed track on the ISO board, the resistor 102 was not connected to the 5v bus, with a suspense to the K-line on the 45th leg of the EPM7064 chip. The defect is eliminated by setting the jumper. On this photo that would see that from the left pad there is no track (with nothing connected) – the resistor 102 is repaired And this shows the place where to solderContinue Reading→

How to Solve Communication Loss Renault Can Clip Alliance VI (926573)

This is a issue and solution of Can Clip Renault Alliance VI (926573) communication loss. I want to share the positive results of the improvements made. The disease of the new series is frequent breaks in communication. I have this kind of photo 1. POSSIBLE REASON RF INTERFERENCE DUE TO POOR HIGH-FREQUENCY ISOLATION IN THE 5 V SUPPLY CIRCUIT. Analyzed and made sure that the problem is only in the CAN board. By replacing the boards with an ideally working Clip, it is confirmed that the deContinue Reading→

(Solved) Renault CAN CLIP “Problem in multiplex network”

This is how to solve an issue of your Renault CAN CLIP interface with an error message “Problem in multiplex network” Almost ALL pcb Renault Can Clip has the bug as a wrong resistors (2 pc) in Low CAN.(Message – « Problem in multiplex network » will be shown) It’s a fairly common problem. The reason to the ugliness is banal – sealed resistors of smaller denomination. Instead of 26.1 kilohms (marking 2612), sealed with 2.61 kOhm (marking 2611). There is a file that point yContinue Reading→

(06.2018) Renault CAN CLIP 178 Tested 100%

Hello guys, Renualt CAN CLIP 178 is tested successfully on 13-06-2018. Free download Renault CAN CLIP v178 reprogramming interface: (06.2018) Renault CAN Clip 178 Multilingual Download: Testing Renault CLIP 178 tested version: Renault CLIP 178 released notes: CLIP INFO 178 NEW FEATURES: No new vehicles for this version. GENERAL INFORMATION: Starting with version CLIP 173, Windows XP is no longer compatible with CLIContinue Reading→

(06.2018) Renault CAN Clip 178 Multilingual Download: Testing

Free download Renault CAN Clip 178 diagnostic interface:!EGgWiK4Y!HCsSj5UcsaD75ch4IFlhLcMKxNAz_rIUdLBfHgnbTx8 Testing by real pros; you’re taking unknown risks before the final test result from pros Also you can download tested CANCLIP 176 software for sake of security: Renault CAN Clip – the latest diagnostic tool for vehicles of Renault. It contains all the latest diagnostic technology and iContinue Reading→

(05.2018) Renault CAN CLIP 177 Download: Testing

(Free download the latest Renault CAN CLIP 177 diagnostic software and test it on your own risk:!gLZV3BpK!i0zFvZCOZU2ePRmyMDDR6S1JQKiQltx1MJi2P3_5tcc You can tested with CANCLIP interface genuine or clone but no one holds responsibility of what happened to you and your device or car: CANCLIP interface of maximum quality: SP19-A: CANCLIP interface –Continue Reading→

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