12.2018 Renault CAN CLIP 183 Test Report: Success!

(21-12-2018) Good news! We obd2diy.fr engineers have tested successfully Renault CAN CLIP v183 diagnostic and reprogramming software. CLIP 183 is confirmed to work! CANCLIP 183 free version: http://blog.obd2diy.fr/2018/12/18/renault-can-clip-183-download-free-no-pass/ CAN CLIP 183 tested version: http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/can-clip-pour-renault-v151-logiciel-cd.html confirmed to work perfectly with Renault CAN CLIP china clone, including item no. sp19-a, sp19-c, sp19-d, sp19-e TiContinue Reading→

Renault CAN CLIP 183 Download Free: No Pass

Free download Renault CAN Clip V183 on mega – NO Password https://mega.nz/#!9UZjiA5L!iF1OovXbGR4nj6crhEiCEnq9HkBTTpBCwqot5f8sDMg Version: CLIP 183 (The Most Stable version) Password: Not required Activation: No need activation Security: unknown! If you want to use CANCLIP for safety, you’re advised to have CAN CLIP 178: http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/can-clip-pour-renault-v151-logiciel-cd.html 100% tested: http://blog.obd2diy.fr/2018/06/13/06-2018-renault-canclip-178-tested-100/ Continue Reading→

Renault CAN CLIP – What’s the latest version?

Look here: What’s the latest version of Renault CAN CLIP 11.2018 Renault CANCLIP 182 (latest version; unknown risk) 11.2018 Renault CAN CLIP 181 2018.10 Renault CAN CLIP 180 2018.07 Renault CANCLIP 179 2018.06 Renault CAN CLIP 178  Renault CAN CLIP 178 (latest tested version!) 2018.05 Renault CAN CLIP 177 2018.04 Renault CAN CLIP 176 2018.03 Renault CAN CLIP V175 iso 2018.01 Renault CANCLIP 174 mega link 2017.12 Renault CAN CLIP 173 torrent Renault CANCLIP 173 iso 2017.11 ReContinue Reading→

Renolink Renault vs Renault CANCLIP vs Renault-COM

Look here: Renault diagnostics & programming tools comparison: Renolink vs CAN CLIP vs Renault-COM Product Renolink Renault Renault CAN CLiP Renault COM Image Price 35.99 euro 95 -135 euro; The quality depends 43.99 euro Features Renault programming tool Renault diagnostic/reprogramming interface Renault diagnostic & programming tool Update Unknown; The update policy will be released soon Free to update Not support Bluetooth No No Yes Diagnostics Yes Yes Yes Continue Reading→

Renault CAN CLIP 180 download: fixed with CLIP 178 .dll file

Free download Renault CAN CLIP 180 diagnostic and programming software: https://cartechnology.co.uk/showthread.php?tid=38512 https://www.board4all.biz/threads/renault-can-clip-v180-08-2018-multilingual.725456/ The program for the diagnosis of electronic systems of cars Renault, Dacia and Samsung. Year / Release Date: 2018 Version: 180 Language: Multilingual System requirements: X86 Computer requirement: O.S.: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 • CPU:Continue Reading→

Renault CAN CLIP and Megane II ECU K9K: Diagnosis Done!

Here is what the engineer tested on Renault Megane II: Renault CAN CLiP communicates with the car Renault CAN CLiP reads faults Renault CAN CLiP clears Faults Renault CANCLiP does a multiplexed network test Renault CANCLiP reads parameters In detail… Renault CAN CLiP diagnostic interface communicates with the car Renault Megane II Engine: K9K Gearbox: TL4 Computer interrogation… CANCLIP is gonna to read faults… Faults can be found in the injection CANCLIP reads outContinue Reading→

How to fix Renault CAN-CLIP MTC Error to work with NEW cars

Here, I’d like to explain why Renault can clip can not make diag for new models & asks for MTC & how to fix this   MTC error is common known issue on CAN-CLiP, this when the car is too new for the firmware the version of sw CLiP you use, the usual delay is 2-3 months for a new manufactured car to be enlisted on the firmware of the newest version of sw CLiP. As example, the latest version of sw CAN-CLiP v178 issued June 2018 make ok diagnose Reno-Dacia cars for at most April 20Continue Reading→

Where to buy RENAULT CAN CLIP clone for good quality?

Hello, I would like to know who has already tried to buy a Renault CAN CLIP interface (I suppose very strongly to be counterfeit given the price) on net? Indeed I would like to try rather than go to Renault (It’s more for the sake of discovery to tell the truth) But I would like to know if someone has already done here? Here is the type of material it is: http://www.diyobd2.fr/wholesal […] -tool.html I would be curious to have the opinion of anyone who has already done so. thankContinue Reading→

Renault CANCLIP V179 = Failure! CAN CLIP V178 = Success!

Sorry to tell you all with Renault CAN CLIP interface that Renault CLIP V179 FAILED TO WORK! Please back to use CAN CLIP V178 for Renault diagnostic test! Review 1: not connected I have an issue wile connecting to the clip: v178 works fine. Screenshot attached. did not find a way to somehow blacklist CLIP clones. Review 2: blacklisted Sad but true, it seems Bosch has blacklisted CAN-CLiP china clones for v179, sorry for the resulted disadvantages Review 3: no luck on cars Today i have triContinue Reading→

(07.2018) CAN CLiP Renault 179 Download Free

About: Renault CAN Clip V179 – the latest diagnostic tool for vehicles of Renault. It contains all the latest diagnostic technology and information base to address all requirements. Where to download CANCLIP 179 for free? https://mega.nz/#!cDgBmYqT!33l4EbP2uR_dIVsf-ERStB7KKRgZAWrtzG1HT5XBNec UNKNOWN SECURITY PROS IS TESTING PLEASED USED THE TESTED VERSION 178 IF YOU WANT RENAULT DIAGNOSIS: http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/can-clip-pour-renault-v151-logiciel-cd.html Renault CAN CLIP 178 Continue Reading→

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