Lonsdor K518ise on Peugeot Citroen: Real Tests vs. Car List in Theory

Look here: Lonsdor K518ise PSA tests on Peugeot and Citroen: success & failure Lonsdor K518ise on PSA vehicles: – read PIN code & programming – all keys lost Lonsdor K518ise Peugeot test reports: Make Model Year PIN Key Remote Note Peugeot 206 1999 fail fail na   Peugeot 206 2008 ok ok ok   Peugeot 207 2007 ok na na   Peugeot 207 2007 ok ok ok add a key Peugeot 207 2009 fail na na   Peugeot 208 2011 ok ok ok   PeugeotContinue Reading→

Comment activer le support full de Renault Clio sur Lonsdor K518ise

Regardez ici: Liste des voitures Renault Clio: Lonsdor K518ise  New vs. Old Version  Nouvelle version: K518 avec le dernier logiciel mis à jour le 10.2018 Ancienne version: K518 avec logiciel avant 10.2018 Différence entre les nouvelles et les anciennes versions: Liste des voitures Clio de la  VIEILLE L ONDSOR K518ise: Renault Clio 1997-1999 Renault Clio 2000-2007 VIN avec VF1 * B Renault Clio 2006-2012 VIN avec VF1 * R Clio Car List du NOUVEAU  Lonsdor K518ise: Renault Clio 19Continue Reading→

2014 Renault Clio 4 smart key: Lonsdor K518Iise can do this?

Look here: Lonsdor can work for 2014 Renault Clio 4 smart key? Lonsdor K518ise failed to program!!!! Lonsdor K518ise will be able to program new keys to Clio 4 But now, only AVDI, ZED FULL and RENAULT ECU TOOL – can do this No other devices can make new keys to Clio 4 year 2014   Updated on 18-01-2019: Lonsdor K518ise can support Renault Clio 4 2014!   Here are are the Lonsdor K518 FULL car list. 2018 car list https://obd2-diag.blogspot.com/2017/10/lonsdor-k518-userContinue Reading→

Lonsdor K518ise and Citroen C5: read BSI pin, program/reprogram key

Confirmed! Lonsdor K518ise is able to program key with remote control on Citroen C5. Lonsdor can get pin code from BSI system and program key fob Step 1: Lonsdor K518ise read pins from Citroen C5 Step 2: Lonsdor K518ise programmed new keys to Citroen C5 Step 3: Reprogram Citroen C key Step 4: Test the new keys’ functionality In detail… Step 1: Lonsdor K518ise read pins from Citroen C5 Immobilizer – citroen – read pin code – type 1 Ignition off and on for several Continue Reading→

Lonsdor K518 Tests on Renault Old + New

Lonsdor K518ISE Free Trial Update Online: Updated a lot for RENAULT , including Old + New Models Old Renault: Kango I + Twingo 1st Gen, New Renault: Clio 4 + Captur The detail… RENAULT\Captur Add key,Recover data RENAULT\Clio\Clio II Ph2 Add key RENAULT\Clio\CLIO III.\Without smart Add key RENAULT\Clio\CLIO III.\With smart Add key RENAULT\Clio\Clio IV.\2012- Add key,Recover data, RENAULT\Duster\Duster.\2010 -2012 Add key RENAULT\Espace\Espace IV Ph2. Add key RENAULT\Espace\Espace Continue Reading→

Lonsdor K518ise and Ford Ranger 2017: Yes or No

Possible to make a new key to Ford Ranger with Lonsdor K518ise? Lonsdor K518 and 2017 Ford Ranger in Australia: https://www.facebook.com/trungpalace/videos/2047513411958868/ This is also 2017 Ford Ranger in Australia and there are two obd ports. So, with K518, no luck with Ford Ranger? Yes! Lonsdor K518 is confirmed to program a new key to Ranger. Here’s the test. Connect K518 host with vehicle via OBD diagnostic socket Turn ignition ON Select Immobilizer->Ford->Ranger->ImmobilContinue Reading→

Renault comes back to Lonsdor K518ise!

Lonsdor K518ise new version changes logos It can search by brand text more fast and do work perfectly Renault comes back Note that if you failed to get Renault, it should be the network issues. Lonsdor confirm the functionality on Renault! You should have no trouble like what he said! Lonsdor K518 Renault car list: (updated on 10.2018) RENAULT\Select from type\All\Type 0 Add key, RENAULT\Select from type\All\Type 1 Add key, RENAULT\Select from type\All\Type 2 Add key, RENAULContinue Reading→

Lonsdor K518ise read/identified 7935 chip 44: Done!

Confirmed! Lonsdor K518ise key programmer is able to read and identify key info. Here you go. Put the chip to be identified into K518 host slot Identifying the chip… Lonsdor K518ise identified the 7935 chip 44 Lonsdor K518 identified the 13 chip Put the chip to be identified into K518 host slot Identifying the chip… Lonsdor K518ise identified the 7935 chip 44 Done! Continue Reading→

Lonsdor K518ise added new keys to Citroen Nemo 2009

(26-09-2018) Lonsdor K518ise key programmer managed to add new keys to Citroen Nemo 2009 with 93c86 eeprom Here you go.. Good to know:  Lonsdor K518ise PSA car list Lonsdor K518ise works well with the French vehicles: Peugeot /Citroen. There are two ways to read PIN codes & program new keys (even when all keys are lost) Lonsdor K518ise CITROEN Series Origin Year Fuel Type Function C4 Other Other Other Key Programming Triomphe Other Other Other Key Programming C5 OtheContinue Reading→

Renault Megane 2 2008 smart key card: Done with Lonsdor K518ise

Yes! Renault Megane 2 2008 new smart key cards can be DONE through OBD with Lonsdor K518ISE key programming tool. Here is the test with images… Go to Lonsdor K518ise Immobilizer Select Renault Select from type Smart key IMMOI Lonsdor K518ise starts programming a smart key to Renault Downloading application Press the START button and then OK to continue Open the door Please select… Check if you have a second smart key to be programmed Key programming completes TesContinue Reading→

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