Free Download DiagBox V7.83 VMware and Native Install

Free Download PSA DiagBox V7.83 to install on a VMware machine and install on the native laptop VMware version: Option 1: PSA DiagBox V7.83 VMWARE English and Greek (by JimCar) Diagbox 7.83 software download:!vxoBTSIR!G8VJ92WJXVkwrlY3VqM2SO4i5qLKdKOm4bZnYyWEcAQ Created with vmware version 14 How to install diagbox 7.83 software: PSA cable firmware driver download:!bogBDCZC!lmp14lbrif8aforu2DY60HfDr8kyL_S05_WwjaypS4Q The contributor has done some extra sContinue Reading→

Where to download Diagbox 9.23 software?

This is something new for PSA car repair, incl. Diagbox software v9.23 download, car list, tests on PSA vehicles and user reviews In detail… Diagbox V9.23 software download free: Diagbox version 9.23 can not be uploaded on the web. The Diagbox V9.23 is very well protected. Activation (50€) for only one PC. This 50€ is a contribution. It’s not a selling item. The real stuff for dealer cost +/- 3000€ a year. For those who are working on recent cars it’s a very good solutionContinue Reading→

How to use Lexia 3 for Citroen C5 key fobs programming?

Programming tool: Lexia 3 cable with sw Lexia Car: Citroen C5 How to program key fobs using Lexia 3: You will need to get your confidential code for the car from Citroen if you don’t have the card with the code on it. lexia will ask for this when programming. You must ensure you programme ALL the fobs you have in the same session and tell Lexia how many you are doing in the session. Any fobs not included will be deactivated. Programming tutorial: The instructions are contained within LexiaContinue Reading→

What diagnostic tool do you have for your Peugeot?

The budget is 200 euro around for Peugeot diagnostic. Tips and guides… here you go. Option 1: Lexia 3 – basic diagnostic, incl. read/clear codes Option 2: Obdstar F108 – key programming for CAN/K-Line cars Option 3: Obdstar H108 – key programming & odometer correction http://www.Continue Reading→

How to rework cloned Lexia 3 as the original

Hello, Here’s a post for the purists of the PSA XS EVOLUTION ACTIA interface (also called Lexia 3 cable)! Edit your Lexia 3 interface to make it equivalent to an original. I do not will detail all the references of the components to be mounted on a clone or replace (resistors, capacitors and other IC), many of them are already known (full topic on French forum …) or easily identifiable with the « Marking code ». Let’s start with the photos of a clone interface « madeContinue Reading→

How to install Diagbox 9.12 for Lexia 3 cable

Diagbox will be updated to version 9.12 from 8.55 update. Here, you’ll be told how to install PSA Diagbox 9.12 to make it work with Lexia 3 interface for new cars. Step 1: Diagbox V9 download free: Beforehand, plug your computer to the mains power supply and check that you have an internet connection. è DiagBox will remain usable at the same time as the download of the installer (may take soContinue Reading→

How to install PSA Diagbox 7.76 Windows 10

DiagBox Windows 10 « Redstone » 32 bit confirmed: I have just successfully finished installing DiagBox v7.76 on Windows 10 x86 (OS Build 11082.1000) for fun, and it works…provided that: 1- Hard Disk Controller is set to IDE/Legacy (not AHCI or SCSI), 2- Partition type is MBR (not GPT), 3- .NET 3.5 is installed, 4- Run DiagBox as Administrator.. In details… 4 points what you need to consider : 1- You are probably installing (Windows 10) as GPT, you may need to change to MBR,Continue Reading→

Lexia 3 Diagbox install on Windows 10 Win 8 Win 7 Win XP: Success

PSA Lexia 3 Diagbox software is verified to work good on: Windows XP Windows 7 32bit or 64bit Windows 8 32bit or 64bit Windows 10 In details… PSA Diagbox Windows XP   – I try to run my XP disc but it tells me that this PC model does not recognize this type of cd. – had success with Window XP trick to install another operating system eg XP or windows 7 1) at startup press the key to access UEFI ( bios) often it’s LED 2) look for Secure Boot line ex: at Asrock it&rsquoContinue Reading→

Some Questions Lexia 3 Diagbox

Hi friends. I need help from experienced forum users. I am planning to buy Lexia 3 Cable in order to use Diagbox on my 208. I have some related questions about diagbox and lexia 3. 1) There are many kinds of Lexia kits on the market, starting from $50. Some sellers say that they sell full chip version but they can not explain what is the difference between regular clones and full chip clones. Can anyone who has detailed information about clone Lexia 3 kits explain pros and cons of having regContinue Reading→

How to lower PSA Lexia resolution to 1024×600 on Windows 7

Share the configuration files changes to lower the resolution of PSA Lexia to 1024×600: Go to :\APP\LEXIA\EXE\ecran.ini Change hauteur_ecran to 600 I confirmed that this does indeed work. Today I installed Diagbox V7.06 on a Samsung NC110 netbook borrowed from work (1.5Ghz atom, 2GB ram) and it has a 1024×600 screen, with the modification above the Lexia app works perfectly and is fully readable, the only thing is on some of the parameters measurement screens you have to scroContinue Reading→

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