Where to download Diagbox 9.23 software?

This is something new for PSA car repair, incl. Diagbox software v9.23 download, car list, tests on PSA vehicles and user reviews In detail… Diagbox V9.23 software download free: Diagbox version 9.23 can not be uploaded on the web. The Diagbox V9.23 is very well protected. Activation (50€) for only one PC. This 50€ is a contribution. It’s not a selling item. The real stuff for dealer cost +/- 3000€ a year. For those who are working on recent cars it’s a very good solutionContinue Reading→

(Solved) PSA Diagbox v7.63+ cannot “Telecode”

Some people have complained about not being able to « Telecode » in newer versions of DiagBox software(v7.63+), but they said that they were able to « Telecode » using (v7.62) and older.. Upon comparisons and helped by information released by others on various forums, the reasons seem to be in the Vehicle files (From A7 to Z9) in folders: « C:\AWRoot\dtrd\tree\Vehicle\  » and « C:\AWRoot\dtrd\tree\Vehicle\SUREQ\  » These files (that need to be edited for all PSA cars) are too Continue Reading→

How to install Diagbox 9.12 for Lexia 3 cable

Diagbox will be updated to version 9.12 from 8.55 update. Here, you’ll be told how to install PSA Diagbox 9.12 to make it work with Lexia 3 interface for new cars. Step 1: Diagbox V9 download free: http://blog.obd2diy.fr/2017/11/17/psa-diagbox-v9-12-software-download-free-for-lexia-3-11-2017/ Beforehand, plug your computer to the mains power supply and check that you have an internet connection. è DiagBox will remain usable at the same time as the download of the installer (may take soContinue Reading→

How to install PSA Diagbox 7.76 Windows 10

DiagBox Windows 10 « Redstone » 32 bit confirmed: I have just successfully finished installing DiagBox v7.76 on Windows 10 x86 (OS Build 11082.1000) for fun, and it works…provided that: 1- Hard Disk Controller is set to IDE/Legacy (not AHCI or SCSI), 2- Partition type is MBR (not GPT), 3- .NET 3.5 is installed, 4- Run DiagBox as Administrator.. In details… 4 points what you need to consider : 1- You are probably installing (Windows 10) as GPT, you may need to change to MBR,Continue Reading→

Lexia 3 Diagbox install on Windows 10 Win 8 Win 7 Win XP: Success

PSA Lexia 3 Diagbox software is verified to work good on: Windows XP Windows 7 32bit or 64bit Windows 8 32bit or 64bit Windows 10 In details… PSA Diagbox Windows XP   – I try to run my XP disc but it tells me that this PC model does not recognize this type of cd. – had success with Window XP trick to install another operating system eg XP or windows 7 1) at startup press the key to access UEFI ( bios) often it’s LED 2) look for Secure Boot line ex: at Asrock it&rsquoContinue Reading→

(solved) Lexia 3 Diagbox starts in a small windows

I’ll chip in some words of problems and solutions of my Diagbox software for Lexia 3 diagnostic. It starts in a small window on a freshly installed windows 7 32 bit in virtualbox. installed the Virtualbox Guest Additions…not worked changed screen resolution…not helped also Finally solved! Fresh installed Diagbox software on Windows XP. The video i followed: It did work good on Windows XP. I guess the installation is broken. Another solution might help: You can position and resContinue Reading→

How to use Lexia 3 PP2000 Diagbox Citroen Peugeot diagnostic tool

Lexia 3 PP2000 User Manual: Lexia-3 diagnostic scanner tool for Citroen and Peugeot Peugeot diagnostic software download How to install Lexia 3 Diagbox 7.76 PP2000 Lexia vs Diagbox vs Planet PP2000 How to use Lexia 3 Citroen How to use Diagbox How to use PP2000 How to change language in Lexia3 PP2000Diagbox v7.76 How to rework Lexia 3 PCB as Original Lexia 3 PP2000 Diagbox FAQs THE MOST IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL for Lexia 3 CHINA CLONE!! This LEXIA guide is used for educational purpose; no one but Continue Reading→

Lexia vs Diagbox vs Peugeot Planet PP2000

This write-up explains what the difference is among Lexia, Diagbox and Peugeot Planet PP2000, which would be a good idea for a total newbie in car diagnostics software that Lexia 3 cable required. Both Diagbox and PP2000 are used to connect to the car’s ECU and carry out diagnostics and manage settings. Which is a better software, however? Lexia: Citroen, Planet: Peugeot, Diagbox: Citroen & Peugeot Lexia3 – hardware Lexia – Software for Citroen Planet – Software fContinue Reading→

Comment connecter Lexia3 PP2000 avec ordinateur portable et Peugeot 307?

Voici un guide détaillé avec des images pour les débutants: Comment se connecter correctement Lexia 3 PP2000 Citroen Peugeot outil de diagnostic avec votre voiture et un ordinateur portable? Set Peugeot 307 2005 à titre d’exemple: Étape 1: Trouvez votre port de voiture OBD2 / connecteur Connecteur est sur le côté gauche, sous le volant. Vous pouvez utiliser un tournevis plat pour retirer le couvercle, le port OBD vert est derrière elle. Etape 2: Connexion Lexia3 PP2000 InterContinue Reading→

(Résolu) Processus PSA Diagbox toujours ouvert en mémoire

Afin de ne pas avoir tous les DiagBox processus ouvert en mémoire jusqu’à ce que le moment je commence le logiciel DiagBox , j’ai désactivé ses fenêtres commencent à commandes, arrêté et changé ses services au manuel et a fait un fichier .cmd pour démarrer le DiagBox de PSA, de cette façon: 1. Exécuter> msconfig> onglet Démarrer> désactiver ediagstart + psaagent + Simbat> accepter> ne redémarrez pas encore 2. run> services.msc> arrêter ces servContinue Reading→

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