How to solve PSA Diagbox Failure of the activation (error 0)

Lexia 3 Diagbox software always comes with the error message “Failure of the activation (error 0)” on Windows XP, but works perfect on Windows 7 32 bit. Issues and solutions.. here you go. Windows 7 installation goes without any error. Laptop is Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E325. The only solution for now is a dual boot XP-7. On another partition I installed Windows 7 32bit. I used the same settings as for XP. -all drivers installed -no internet connection -language settings = Croatian -install DiaContinue Reading→

Download Diagbox V8.46 8.42 8.38 8.37 8.35 8.17 Update

Here you can download Lexia 3 Diagbox 8.XX all latest software! No pass, free to all! Update Diagbox V8.17 to V8.37 Update Diagbox V8.35 to V8.38 Update Diagbox V8.38 to V8.42 Update Diagbox V8.42 to V8.46 Note: Diagbox 8.XX software shared here is tested by individuals, but no engineers. Hope it helps but install and try at your own risk! All download link need No pass, if it require a pass, try: Simple If you need a Lexia3 PP2000 Diagbox software 100% confirmed OK, you can get Diagbox 7.76 Continue Reading→