PSA Diagbox V9.12 software download FREE for Lexia 3 (11.2017)

(11-17-2017) Free download Diagbox software latest version 9.12. Also, you’ll have PSA Diagbox 7.02-8.46 to work with Lexia 3 diagnostic tool. Latest version: Diagbox_setup_v09.12.exe:!Q3gQ2BII!clyFKAaB_iYC7EV5l80yqq0EF3G3chpeV7njmyuWqPQ Where to buy best price Lexia3 ? Diagbox v09.12 original and unchanged. maybe of use to someone for personal research and development. it is offered as is and with no support from myself. TesContinue Reading→

Lexia 3 Citroen Car List: What Citroen models can/can’t work?

What Citroen models can be worked with Lexia 3 citroen peugeot diagnostic tool? Here is the Lexia 3 Citroen Car List. What CITROEN models can be tested by Lexia 3 China? Citroen C-ZERO Citroen C1 Citroen C2 Citroen C3 Citroen C3 PICASSO Citroen DS3 Citroen C-ELYSEE Citroen C4 Citroen C4 CACTUS Citroen C4 PICASSO Citroen DS4 Citroen DS 5LS Citroen DS6 Citroen C5 Citroen DS5 Citroen C6 Citroen C8 Citroen C-CROSSER Citroen C4 Aircross Citroen NEMO Citroen BERLINGO Citroen JUMPY Citroen JUMPER CiContinue Reading→