Read/Write Renault ECUs with PCMflash genuine or clone?

Possible to read or write a Renault ECU using PCMflash at a decent price? Yes. You can have a KTMOBD ECU programmer running with PCMflash crack. Here is the cracked PCMflash Renault car list. Renault Koleos / Latitude 2.5 SH705822N (Hitachi SH7058 / 1MB) (OBD) Renault Koleos 2 2.5L S7253332N (Hitachi SH72533 / 2MB) (OBD) Renault Samsung 1.6T (Hitachi SH72533 / 2MB) (OBD) Renault 1.5L dCi Delphi DCM 1.2K-Line (ST10 / 512KB) (OBD) Renault 1.5L dCi Delphi DCM 1.2 CAN-bus (ST10 / 512KB) (OBD) RContinue Reading→