How to lower PSA Lexia resolution to 1024×600 on Windows 7

Share the configuration files changes to lower the resolution of PSA Lexia to 1024×600: Go to :\APP\LEXIA\EXE\ecran.ini Change hauteur_ecran to 600 I confirmed that this does indeed work. Today I installed Diagbox V7.06 on a Samsung NC110 netbook borrowed from work (1.5Ghz atom, 2GB ram) and it has a 1024×600 screen, with the modification above the Lexia app works perfectly and is fully readable, the only thing is on some of the parameters measurement screens you have to scroContinue Reading→

Lexia vs Diagbox vs Peugeot Planet PP2000

This write-up explains what the difference is among Lexia, Diagbox and Peugeot Planet PP2000, which would be a good idea for a total newbie in car diagnostics software that Lexia 3 cable required. Both Diagbox and PP2000 are used to connect to the car’s ECU and carry out diagnostics and manage settings. Which is a better software, however? Lexia: Citroen, Planet: Peugeot, Diagbox: Citroen & Peugeot Lexia3 – hardware Lexia – Software for Citroen Planet – Software fContinue Reading→

Conseil pour installer diagbox logiciel

Diagbox est un logiciel de diagnostic pour les voitures PEUGEOT & CITROEN. Il fonctione avec adapteurs XS Evolution Lexia 3 PP2000. Il y a un conseil pour installer le logiciel diagbox, il va vous aider. Le problème: A chaque fois et en suivant la vidéo, l’installation se bloque sur V7.57 to V7.58 après avoir copié APPDIAG et démarré Diagbox par l’icone sur le bureau. La fenêtre « currently installing internet update » s’ouvre et au bout de 2 ou 3 minutes leContinue Reading→