Téléchargement gratuit de l’outil de changement de langue DiagBox / Lexia3 / PP2000

Téléchargement gratuit d’outils pratiques pour changer / changer le langage des outils de diagnostic PSA ( DiagBox, Lexia3 et PP2000 ) sans l’installer à nouveau. Il suffit de  télécharger  et d’  exécuter  l’  outil xxx Language Switcher.exe pour changer le langage DiagBox, Lexia3 ou PP2000. L’outil définira la langue de DiagBox, Lexia3 ou PP2000 en fonction de l’utilisateur sélectionné et changera également la langue de sauvegarde en «angContinue Reading→

Diagbox v7 Windows 7/XP Install + Tests on Peugeot

I finally have a Lexia 3 chinese interface working with diagbox 7.02….or rather partially working. Win 7 Pro 64 bit with a Windows Virtual PC/Windows XP Mode installed. (Windows Virtual PC and XP mode are free for various versions of Win 7, just installing it on Win 7 will bring up diagbox, but it will just get stuck on the « selection of Application » screen with the Diagbox and PP2000 buttons, and clicking either one will go straight back to that screen). Vehicle 1 : Peugeot 406 Continue Reading→

Diagbox V7 V8 Path, How to?

To move forward you can take the Diagbox V7 path or the V8 path.. 1- Diagbox V7 path, because it has 2 different upgrades (scarymistake or maitresox) you need to downgrade to the earliest upgrade that you can move up again.. So, download maitresox upgrades and start using them in reverse up to v758, then up again v7.62, 7.66, 7.74, 7.76 and 7.82 then my Diagbox 7.83. 2- Diagbox V8 path, just follow the procedure starting from stopping all processes and naming AWRoot to AWRoot7 etc.. as descriContinue Reading→

Free Download DiagBox V7.83 VMware and Native Install

Free Download PSA DiagBox V7.83 to install on a VMware machine and install on the native laptop VMware version: Option 1: PSA DiagBox V7.83 VMWARE English and Greek (by JimCar) Diagbox 7.83 software download: https://mega.nz/#!vxoBTSIR!G8VJ92WJXVkwrlY3VqM2SO4i5qLKdKOm4bZnYyWEcAQ Created with vmware version 14 How to install diagbox 7.83 software: PSA cable firmware driver download: https://mega.nz/#!bogBDCZC!lmp14lbrif8aforu2DY60HfDr8kyL_S05_WwjaypS4Q The contributor has done some extra sContinue Reading→