(Steps) How to install Renault Can Clip V169 on Windows XP?

We already show how to install Renault Can Clip V169 on WIN 7. What about WIN XP? Here you go: Can Clip 169 installation guide on WIN XP. Tested: Renault Can Clip Full Chip or Renault Can Clip Interface How… Continue Reading

Renault CAN Clip V169 Free Download+ Installation Guide WIN7

Notice: 06.2017 Renault CAN Clip V169 update is released! Here you can free download Can Clip 169 software and know how to install it on WIN7! Free download Renault Can Clip 169 with decryption key: https://mega.nz/#!ZApxzTZZ!suQz2Fxt3vd33ggjsLLS-e52CDnT9snaDrrmH-k2APk NO PASS Download this… Continue Reading