Porsche PET 7.3 370 (07.2015) spare parts Multilanguage

What’s PET? PET is the Porsche Electronic spare parts catalogue and parts book for all regions. The parts catalog software uses for genuine parts numbers translation by VIN number. The catalogue occupies one CD, it is possible to establish for work with use of CD or completely on the winchester. You can find “free” download Porsche PET 7.3 370 on search engines. DO NOT be cheated by the free links, those download resources all requires update account subscription. Obd2diy.fr provides PorscContinue Reading→

Diagnostic Scanner GM Tech 2 Setup Guide

This is detailed guide on how to setup CM TECH 2. Requirement for GM Tech 2 Flash Setup: 1. The GM SPS application installed onto your PC (with the USB security key). 2. 32 MB PCMCIA card recommended. 3. SPS Kit Components: • RS-232 DB9 Serial Port Adapter (P/N 3000111) • RS-232 Communications Cable (P/N 3000110) • USB Security Key (already installed during software installation) • RS-232 Loop-back Adapter (P/N 3000112) • User’s Guide (P/N 526933) 4. Tech2 Kit Components (from Tech 2 FlContinue Reading→

Modified Op-com V1.59 OPCOM MCU to PIC18F458

I have bought several Opcom clone interface with firmware V1.39, V1.45 and V1.59 from different online stores. I have tried to update one 1.49 to 1.59, but the modified one failed to work on my Corsa C. But OP-COM 1.45 did work OK. One opcom V5 (software 2010.08V) hardware works without issues, another one works not so good. This is what I found: First of all, let’s compare my opcom 1.59 interfaces. The one from Aliexpress has Chinese MCU marked OP-COM and the other one from obd2diy.fr has aContinue Reading→

Program Porsche Key by VVDI2 and VVDI PRO

Here is the operation guide to help vvdi2 and vvdi pro program Porsche key. Requirement: VVDI2 VVDI PRO Programmer Porsche BCM Laptop Steps: Step 1. Read Porsche BCM data with vvdi prog. Disassemble the CM from Porsche. Connect vvdi pro with the laptop. Open the vvdi pro software. Porsche type: DCM-2M25J. Go to the wiring diagram. Connect to the BCM according to the wiring diagram. Close the wiring diagram. Click “Read”. Detecting the device…(the yellow light on vvdi prog flashes.) SContinue Reading→

Read BMW ECU by VVDI PRO Super Programmer

This is the detailed video guide about reading BMW 5 series ECU with VVDI Pro. Disassemble the BMW 5 series ECU, to read the ECU data with the super programmer VVDI Pro. First, open VVDI PRO software. Select “BMW E CHASSIS”. Select “N20”. Open the wiring diagram. Connect VVDI Pro adapter cables with ECU on the basis of the wiring diagram. Check it repeatedly according to the wiring diagram, when finishing connection. Connect VVDI PRO to the computer (via USB cable). It is difficult to sContinue Reading→

Mercedes Increase Speed Limit by Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P

How to reprogram Mercedes Benz C240 to remove the speed governor that is set at 250k/h (from original 130 km/h). Requirement: Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P Autel J2534 MaxiFlash Pro ECU Programming Tool Steps: Connect MS908P and J2534 with Benz C240. Go to “MaxiSys-> Diagnostics-> Benz-> vehicle detect”. Gateway data initializing… Get the VIN number. Tap OK to go on. Select the date of manufacture vehicle. This case is up to 2003. Press the button left to select left-hand steeriContinue Reading→

Original SPX AutoBoss V30 auto scanner European version

The original AutoBoss (SPX) V30 OBD automotive diagnostic scanner is the most competitive, full featured European and Asian scan tools on the market today. AutoBoss V30 scanner covers 57 vehicle makes and more than 40,000 systems. With our continuous software update, R&D support in troubleshooting and hardware technical support, V30 sets itself apart from all competitors. With its fantastic functionality, it will become a competitive troubleshooter and your money maker. Top features of thContinue Reading→

ElsaWin 4.0 VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat torrent free download

What’s ELSAWIN VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat Service Manual? ELSAWIN is the Service & Repair Workshop software actually used by the Volkswagen, VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda main dealers and factory technicians around the world, it covers cars (with varying amount of information). Elsa Win 4.0 provides Servicing Guides, Workshop – Repair Manuals, Electric Schemes, Wiring Diagrams, Body Works etc. The full information is one new auto repair basically 1986-2011, electric schemes 1992-2009. SoftwareContinue Reading→

Installation Guide for Newest VVDI 2 Commander Key Programmer

VVDI 2 is the update version of VVDI, with powerful function for VW/Audi/BMW/Porsche. The essay is mainly about the installation of VVDI II key programmer. What is new on VVDI 2 commander? newly add BMW Porsche model, added plug-in function and reserved connectors, support IMMO programming for part vehicles. How to install VVDI 2? It is easy to install VVDI II software. Just follow me. STEPS: Double click “VVDI2-Installer. exe” to install. Choose the setup language. Click “Next” to contContinue Reading→

Autel Elite MD802 vs. Foxwell NT622 scanner

Which is a better scanner for European car models, Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 OBD2 scanner or Foxwell NT622 code reader? Check the comparison table below: Item Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 Foxwell NT622 AutoMaster Pro Image     Brand Autel                 Foxwell Quality Original Original Language Multi-language English Vehicle year 1996 up 2012/2013 models Vehicle Type OBD1, OBDII cars, SUVs, minivans,    light-duty trucks OBDI and OBDII cars, SUVs, minivans, Continue Reading→

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