Renault Siemens sirius 32 ECU tuning, what programmer?


Questions before entering: To read and program Renault Laguna 1.6 Siemens sirius 32  ECU, which ECU chip tuning tool?   Our engineer and customer have tested and suggests following 4 ecu programming tools and ways:   TL-866 Mini pro programmer   If you are planning to work frequently on those ECUs, Super Mini Pro TL866A EEPROM programmer is not a bad choice. With tsop44 adapter, this tool is very stable for reading F200 flash fitted on Sirius32. FContinue Reading→

Read BMW ECU by VVDI PRO Super Programmer

This is the detailed video guide about reading BMW 5 series ECU with VVDI Pro. Disassemble the BMW 5 series ECU, to read the ECU data with the super programmer VVDI Pro. First, open VVDI PRO software. Select “BMW E CHASSIS”. Select “N20”. Open the wiring diagram. Connect VVDI Pro adapter cables with ECU on the basis of the wiring diagram. Check it repeatedly according to the wiring diagram, when finishing connection. Connect VVDI PRO to the computer (via USB cable). It is difficult to sContinue Reading→

Installation Guide for Newest VVDI 2 Commander Key Programmer

VVDI 2 is the update version of VVDI, with powerful function for VW/Audi/BMW/Porsche. The essay is mainly about the installation of VVDI II key programmer. What is new on VVDI 2 commander? newly add BMW Porsche model, added plug-in function and reserved connectors, support IMMO programming for part vehicles. How to install VVDI 2? It is easy to install VVDI II software. Just follow me. STEPS: Double click “VVDI2-Installer. exe” to install. Choose the setup language. Click “Next” to contContinue Reading→

How to Update CK200 Auto Key Programmer to Version V38.05

V38.05 CK200 auto key programmer is the newly updated version of CK-100 key programmer.The high-quality CK200 car locksmith tools with RFID copier adapter increase much more features and functions like meter, maintain, gasbag, remote,immo and some other special features, without tokens limitation. 1. Version:V38.05 2. Vers. (SW):33.01.01 (DB): 38.05 Update online Car models added in the newest version V38.05: *FORD USA EXPLORER [PRX] 2014- *NISSAN USA ALTIMA 2012- V38.05 auto key tool tutoriaContinue Reading→

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